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I'd like to know why students hide in the break room or hide at the nurse's station while call lights are going off and the RNs are running around like chickens w/their heads cut off. They'll even... Read More

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    irishnurse,,you sure are having a hard time on this thread! You posted what was frustrating YOU, how the students are acting where you are. We all know that not all students are lazy, heck, some of the ones I have had this year, are worth their weight in gold! (NOT for picking up the slack, just for learning and being aware, for being sponges and soaking everything that I teach them up!!!)

    Students, be aware, there will be times, when you are a nurse, when you do have students who are not giving it 100%. You, the ones who posted back to irishnurse are probably the ones who give their all! Who go that extra bit and learn their stuff. Just does not happen in every country, every school, across the world. The others who couldn't care to reply, well they might not care a jot!

    I WILL say again, my students this year have been outstanding, I have thanked them for their input, their questioning minds, this allows me to re-think my practice at times.

    But, for should feel comfortable posting your vents here, I feel you were right in your questioning of what you observed. This is what YOU saw! These situations were with students YOU worked with.

    All the students need to be aware, its not personal, look to your class and compare yourselves to the ones who are scraping by, who dont really give too much about it. Compare that to yourselves, the ones who care enough to protest and try to make a difference, then you will know.
    Lots of luck to you all, be you Nurse or student, best wishes for sucess in your field!
    She can vent all she wants. But, venting and insulting are two different things. As i said in my other post- WHY go directly to a STUDENT NURSING forum JUST to BASH student nurses. Her OP did not bash the students at her hospital, but ALL SNs. It was just rude and uncalled for- no matter how you look at it.