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I am starting school the fall of 2004, currently finishing my pre-reqs, but I have been told I need a white nurse dress or pantsuit with blouse and I am not sure where to begin or what is a good... Read More

  1. by   LauraLou
    We also have to wear all white. It has to be a uniform (i.e. buttons down the front), not scrubs. We have a school patch that goes on the left sleeve and a name tag with the school name. We also have to wear white or beige underwear and no thongs allowed. Our shoes have to be all white but can be regular nursing shoes or tennis shoes. We have to wear our hair pulled back and no jewelry except a watch and tiny stud earrings. It makes me look like a big marshmallow puff, but once I get to the hospital I am so busy I forget how bad I look!
  2. by   S.N. Visit
    Your school uniforms sound a lot nicer than what I will be wearing! Our uniforms are all white pants, shirts, socks & shoes, with a blue smock. (like a school lunch lady :imbar ) Hair also has to be pulled up off the nape, so when in uniform, the nursing student's look like a bunch of cafeteria workers. (not that anything's wrong with being a cafeteria worker ,but I don't want to be mistaken for one..sorry to any one I may have offended by stating my opinion.)

    Since I'm not in the nursing program yet, I will have to wait to find out the underware policy
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  3. by   RNBN2B
    Hi there,
    My nursing school allows us to wear colours ... I like to wear scrub dresses because I'm kind of "girly" and I don't have a problem with wearing nylons. Most of my classmates wear matching scrub shirts and pants, but some have complained that one or the other will fade to a lighter shade after several washings so that they don't match each other in the end (especially with dark colours like navy blue). I bought my scrub dresses from a company in Canada, but they also sell to the US. EBay is also a good site for cheap uniforms. Scrub dresses tend to fit quite well as far as online shopping goes. Just thought I'd throw in my two cents.
  4. by   SkyDancer
    Im in an LVN program in Texas. In our class, girls have to wear white nurses uniforms (blouse & pants), and a navy blue cobbler's apron over it

    The boys get to wear a navy blue top with white uniform pants...

    Hair has to be up and above the collar, only single lobe stud earrings, white undies, white bra, white socks or stockings, white polished shoes, no nail polish, short nails, no fake nails, nametag on the left.....