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Actually anyone can give their .02 :) I am planning on starting a accelerated (16 month) BSN program this fall. I have a 4.5 year old that has had a rough time being in daycare and preschool... Read More

  1. by   studentdeb
    Quote from Tootyx121
    Savings & I can qualify for a private loan without a co-signer if I apply before I quit my job. The loan and savings will be enough to cover my expenses for the 16 months I am in school. I shouldn't have to work during school.

    Good luck in what you decide. It is so hard to make these types of decisions. I worked full-time and my kids were in daycare and now I am home and honestly I think they had more quality time with me when I worked. I think if you are going to be happier going to school and you have more time at home, it will be better on your son.

    Take care
  2. by   jemommyRN
    I wish you well with whatever decision you make. I know the feeling of being in the presence of my child but not really "spending quality time" with her. I would just pray about it and follow your heart. Whatever you do, don't forget the reason that you are doing it. To be there more for your son. I think that nursing school may be a lot more time consuming than you think so be careful. Try to talk to current students to get a feel of their true schedule. Remember, you are in an accelerated program.
  3. by   rhiannonwolf
    I wanted to let you know that I have been going through this same exact delimma. Before I got pregnant, I was accepted into an AT program where I live. I was going to enroll in the fall when surprise surprise, there's Ryan! I had to put off school for a year and half, but to me it was worth it. Now, I have a very temperamental 13 month old son who is very attatched to his mother . What I decided in the end was that the accelerated track would be too difficult for me because of the time constraints. You go to school from sometimes 6:45 in the morning for your clinicals at the hospital, and you don't get home until 4:30 or 5:00 in the evening. Then there is all of the studying that is involved once you get home. It was because of this that I decided on going to school for two years for my BSN, which in most nursing schools you can do if you already have your bachelor's in something else.

    I may graduate a year later, but in the end, it is much less stressful on me and my family.

    That is my .02


  4. by   kbella1218
    Is moving in with your mom an option? My husband & I sold our house, moved in with my father and we are both going to school. My son is 3 years old, and I am so glad not to be working full time at a dead end job anymore while he goes to daycare M-F 7:30am to 5:30pm. I enjoy being home with him, although he goes to a preschool from 9am to 12pm Mon thru Fri, just to be with kids and have fun. Like alot of others said, I think it is worth it to wait another year. Good luck! I know its tough. What about financial aid? Can you qualify for any?
  5. by   mitchsmom
    Remember, "consistency" can also be in your routine and habits *together* as well as actual hours getting home, scheduling, etc. At his age he may not notice the difference in 3pm one day and 5pm the next, but he *will* notice if everyday you come home, look at his school papers, eat, have play time (insert special ritual for the two of you), bathe, do reward chart, read a story, go to bed with special song/prayer/whatever... etc. each day consistently (then mom burns the midnight oil studying). One of my sons absolutely HAS to have a routine/consistency or he is just all out of sorts & it has nothing to do with my hours, he's been that way since he was born (I was a stay at home mom his first 5 years). Again, your social worker may also have more insight into your particulars than we can know on here.