Strong enough for nursing?

  1. Hi..I'm a freshman studying nursing, currently taking my prerequisite courses. I know the time when I'll actually be able to work is far off, but I can't help studying online for what it is like to be a nurse.

    So far, all I can find is articles on how nurses "Eat their young" and the first year is filled with emotional breakdowns at work and bullying for making small mistakes. Also, how something like 1 out of 3 nurses quit in their first year. Also, how difficult it is to juggle and memorize charts and medicines and deal with oppressive senior nurses and doctors.

    I have a strong desire to become a nurse, but these articles are disheartening. Can anyone offer some support and suggestions? I can't go to anyone else, and so, I turn to the experienced ladies (and men) at allnurses.
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  3. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    There is a thread in the General Nursing forum titled I think "things you LOVE about your job" it has a lot of good things in it that speak more on the positive. Go into nursing if that is what is in YOUR heart. You can't base it on others opinions and vents and frustrations. We all have them at any job. It's human nature to vent so a lot of the stuff you find is only one side of things.
  4. by   picurn10
    well, keep in mind I'm still a student so I don't know what it will be like in the real world of nursing, but I suspect that a LOT of people get into nursing without really knowing what they're getting into. I was just shocked at how mnay in my class were unprepared for the work load, lack of a social life, and intense pressure of nursing school. So I can only assume that if they are unprepared for ns, they will be unprepared for work as a nurse.
    I also think that nursing would be a really tough first job for young people. When many other 20-somethings are starting their career and in an office setting, a young nurse has the pressure of life and death situations on his/her shoulders, you know? You have to worry about med errors, pts. dying, pt families, etc.... In all the other jobs I've had, if I messed up someone's food was cold, or I upset a customer or something, but no one could have been harmed physically or killed. That's a lot of stress for anyone, but especially if you started ns at 18 and are on the floor by 21. I'll be 30 by the time I'm done and I'm so scared, so I can only imagine if I had all the insecurities and lack of perspective that I did when I was 21. That's not to say that young people can't be great nurses, just that I understand why there may be a lot of burnout with new nurses.
    Good luck to you! See if you can shadow a nurse and get a better feel for the job, read all you can, and work hard for your dream of nursing!!!!
  5. by   missjennmb
    You never know just how strong you are until you try. If nursing school has taught me anything so far, its that I am much stronger and much more capable than I ever imagined I could be.
  6. by   motivated2nurse
    Lets face it, so many people are in nursing for the wrong reason. Nurses generally make good money. But you have to care about people and have some stamina. I believe with all the negativity in nursing there are some positives. Go for it. See what you get out of it and perhaps you will love it.