Stress relief

  1. I was just curious as to how everyone copes with the stress of nursing school.... What are some of the things that you do just to release...

    I read in BrandyBSN that she was on Prozac for 2yr due to college... And the nursing school I will be starting in Jan, has a few students on Prozac due to stress...

    Any good tips on how to deal with the stress would be great...

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  3. by   BrandyBSN
    That is true. I was. I was completely depressed, and felt rather worthless because I could not maintain the 4.0 that I had in high school. I have found that the only way I could deal with stress was to just learn to let go. I had to let go of my ideals a little. A nurse with a non-4.0 GPA is still a nurse. I had to learn to sacrifice a few GPA points to have "me" time. Only when I accepted the fact that I needed time away from classwork was I really able to function. Depression is a debilitating illness. I had always been a depressed person, college and the stress just intensified it. It took a lot of soul searching to make me realize that just because I am not in the top of my class, it does not mean that I am less of a person. Others have to break down their walls in different ways.

    Talk to friends, take a walk, post on a bulletin board, watch TLC, anything that makes you feel better. Take care of yourself,

  4. by   moni rn
    my keys to stress relief: exercise & meditation.

    exercise: i usually try running. we have a state park near my home & work that has a beautiful lake with a track around it. it definitely makes running a lot easier! also, i lift weights at least 2 or 3 times per week. i really need to do it more often, but ...

    meditation: i am completely new to this. i am still learning all there is to know about meditating. if anyone has any advice, i would love some!
  5. by   giftedRN

    I am depressed at times when my grades are not up to par in my estimation but sometimes I just let go and try to do my best. I study a lot and I am a book worm.

    Having to take care of my daughter and going to school in a foreign country is very stressful for me because I do not know a lot of people here. But I just pray a lot and try to do some aerobics to relieve myself of some of the stress.

    Everyone is different you just have to try different avenues to relief stress and stick to what works for you.

    Good luck!!
  6. by   pkmom
    I find a hot bath in a candle lite room with Vivaldi or Mozart and a cup of herbal tea to be VERY relaxing. When I was single, this was a weekly event, my roomates laughed until they tried it. Now I try to do it once a month. It's hard to find that hour or two, but it is definitely a worthwhile investment.
  7. by   Nurse Shanta
    I agree, a nice hot bath always helps me get rid of stress. I usually take a nice hot bubble bath and just soak and let my mind wonder......It really helps..Just remember you are not the only person who has been through nursing school. It's not's all up to you (you can do it!) I am married with 4 children and sometimes school seems impossible but I know I have to get through it! Keep your trust in God...
  8. by   Metron
    Well, I was on Prozac before Nursing School. Now I'm on other stuff. School was NOT the cause of my depression, just exacerbated it a little. But I'm dealing with it, for myself and so I can stay in school Long story.

    Anyway, stress relievers? Know when to knock off and have a little fun. I was complaining I never had any anymore. I put off the papers and saw 2 movies last weekend. And a concert (I won some tickets) That helped a lot!!! Go see Monters Inc. It's great. Also, I take Taekwondo - this has been a big help.

    Hang in there and trust God.
  9. by   Bonnie Blue
    I agree that exercise is a big help with stress. I also give myself permission to goof off once and a while. I also have started going to a massage therapist once a month right after I've finished my exams. I pay for an hour and come out feeling like a limp noodle but sooo good. I'll be seeing her Wednesday.

    For those of you who can't afford a regular therapist, check out a massage therapy school. The students need people to work on and it often only costs $15-20 for an hour.
  10. by   APinkston
    I am also on Prozac because of dealing with depression for many years, even before college. I started taking antidepressents when I started college because the stress seemed to make things worse for me. I still have a hard time with trying to relieve the stress from nursing school. One thing I find helpful in reducing my stress is exercise. I have a punching bag at home that I like to beat on every now and then to relieve my stress. I also take Martial Arts and find it fun, and helpful in reducing my stress. There are maladapdtive behaviors that I am trying to get away from such as binge eating and oversleeping. I kniow these things are not really helping me reduce stress and are not solutions to my depressio, yet I have a tendency to do these things. I hope my experience with stress and way to reduce is helpful.
  11. by   nurseybikerchic
    I had a run in with universty which left me very depressed. I went to see my doc on the verge of suicide (scary when I think about it now). He put me on antidepressents but I cant honestly say they helped that much. After taking them for three months I was still going to peices over stupid little things and even contemplated swallowing a months worth at one go. The side effects were worse than the depression. Anyway, I stopped taking them and managed to get a sympathetic hearing and loads of support from one of the nursing lecturers. Shes really helped me through it and given me the will to carry on. Id also say make good friends of your fellow course mates, cos their going through it too!. We did this list so that everyone on the group has everyone elses phone number. It works really well and we can always find someone to chat to. Also try a few group social events, nights out etc, good for letting off steam and having a good moan. Failing the above, you can always fall into that typical pattern of self-abuse we nurses are so good at: Alcohol, cigarettes and junk food
    All the best
  12. by   Beverly McKee

    You definitely need ways to deal with stress while in nursing school!! How I usually deal with stress is to go shopping, eat some chocalate, take a long bubble bath, or just take a break away from studing and relax. I also exercise, spend time with my wonderful boyfriend, or simply just scream or cry. I completely feel that nursing is one of the most stressful majors and careers. So therefore, it is very important to have ways of dealing with the stress when it becomes too much. I think if you can find nonpharmacological ways to deal with your stress then you do not need medication. If nursing school is stressing you out to the point of depression maybe you should reevaluate the way you deal with things. But, that is just my opinion. I graduate in May and just thinking of that is pretty helpful. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck to everyone!!