Sticker Shock!

  1. $186.00 for my A&P book y'all. I don't remember EVER paying what I am now when I was in College before (10 years ago). I can handle my tuition- but I'll haved to get Financial Aid to buy the darn books!

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  3. by   StudentSandra

    my a&p book was the most expesive book i have purchased ($120) more than any of my nursing books.

    just wait until you go to buy the nursing books. we had to buy them all (except one) the first semester, over $800, but they will be used for the entire 2 years, so it kind of evens out, but still spending that much at one time was enough to give this old woman a heart attack. :d
  4. by   Ortho_RN
    YIKES... I just got back from buying my books and it was $575.00 and I didn't buy 3 of the non-required books... Med-Surg book was 97.50.. Thank God we use them all the way through
  5. by   Brown Suga
    My first semester in nursing school the book grand total was $750. The books are suppose to be use the next two years. However, sometime this month the new book list for the second block is due to come out. I wish there was a way to get back more money when selling your books back. Maybe I should look into selling my books online to get back my moneys worth. Oh well welcome to the wonderful world of nursing.
  6. by   wannanurse
    My AP book is 107.00 That does not included the lab book or the study guide. I am not sure if I am going to get the study guide or not. I think I am going to though. I at least I will get to use this book for two classes.
  7. by   Mkue
    Don't get me started on book prices....eek !

    My A&P was around 150.00, awful.

    Good news, financial aid called me tonight, and I have money 2 more books to buy before Ja. 14th.