stethoscope question

  1. My mom has offered to buy me a nice stethoscope either now or when I graduate. When do you think I should get it? Scrub sale is next week at school so I can buy a cheap one there or hold off and get a nice one later in the semester. Any input is greatly appreciated!

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  3. by   tigress_8207
    I think you should get yours from the sale but the choice is yours.
  4. by   emeraldbutterfly,RN
    I was like you too, confused on which stethescope to get in the begining. I ended up with an Ultrascope. I really like it, it's so cute too, get lots of compliments on it too. Also a Littman is great too, I think that's the favorite among a lot of people. I think you should go to a local store and ask if you can "try" them, they let me do that, take someone with you and listen to them, see which one you like best. Also, remember, they can get expensive, so use that as your decision maker too. If you're scatter brained and leave things all over, I would suggest just getting a cheap one, you wouldn't want to lose a $100+ stethescope!
    PS Just make sure you get one with soft ear tips, my first one was really cheap and had hard plastic ear tips, ugh, it killed my ears!!
    Good luck!!
  5. by   CT Pixie
    I went for the Littman II Classic. I think it was around $89ish. BUT I've used all different ones for my other "careers" (EMT, CNA, and previous nursing school) and know which ones were good for me. I always end up w/Littman. I hate Spraque...can't hear anything. Once I graduate I might *hint* to the hubby/mom/mom-in-law/best friend about a steth I really want (a pricer model LOL)

    But like with anything, what I might love and swear by might be the thing you hate and would never recommend.

    If you happen to know which steths they offer at the sale..try them out and see if you can hear what you need to/are supposed to.
  6. by   nurse_drumm
    hi there!
    [color=#a0522d]i have a littman master classic ii, and i just love the thing. it's perfect for me, and i too, like csi-sn have the soft ear tips, they make all the difference in comfort and in what you hear. they really form a good seal to keep out the outside noises while you're assessing. i can hear just about everything with mine, and it was about $80. a good purchase for me, it hasn't failed me yet.
    [color=#a0522d]good luck!