Stethoscope for NS w// poor hearing

  1. I have read a lot of threads about cheap vs not so do an cheap stethoscopes for students. I don't have the best hearing, ( I don't need hearing aides ). Should I spend a little extra cash and get a better one? Im broke so Id guard it as if it was one of my children.
    If ya think I should go for a more expensive one-are there any good ones for a $100 or less.
    Any advice is appreciated!!!
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  3. by   supermo
    I have trouble hearing the low tones, you know, like heart and lung sounds (of course) and I decided to invest in a Littman. The Sprague scope I had just didn't cut it. I am able to do assessments now in a fairly quiet setting. I chose the Master Classic II because it had the one piece head and in my price range ~$100.
    I bought it from and got it within the week. I liked them because they will engrave the head of the scope, not the tubing. I figured that the head was the more expensive part so I should engrave that. Even so, I do not ever leave it alone anywhere. It is on my person at all times.
    If I choose to work somewhere that is noisy (ED), I will most likely have to resort to an electronic scope.

    Good luck!
    (I get no kickbacks or benefits from steeles, just liked my experience there)
  4. by   MSJ2007
    I also having a hearing problem. I have total loss in my left ear, and my right ear is near normal. But, the combination makes background noise of any sort difficult for me to hear, especially what's traveling through a scope.

    I start NS in a week, so I started trying out scopes ahead of time. I tried the Littman Classic SE II from the local scrub store. I had to take it home where it was quiet, but I still had trouble hearing through. So I returned it, and ordered a Littman 3000 electronic scope. It arrived yesterday, and it is phenominal! I can easily hear everything I need to hear.

    You're right...good scopes can be expensive. If you get one, chain it to your waist! Also, Littman has a 14 day free loaner 3000 if you wish to try it without buying it. Call (800) 413-1795 to arrange it.

    Good luck!
  5. by   CrufflerJJ
    I'm really liking my Thinklabs ds32A electronic scope. Adjustable amplification, excellent ambient noise rejection (even in the back of a moving ambulance).

    Only about $200 online.
  6. by   ange26s
    I am starting nursing school this fall and I have a 7 month old daughter with bilateral severe to profound hearing loss.When i was pregnant ,my husband and I would wonder if she would become a nurse.When i researched the net I found there are deaf nurses,and there are certain scopes that are better.If a deaf nurse can do it,Im sure you would be fine with buying a littmann ( I hear they are good-got one myself).GoodLuck!