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  1. hello,
    i'm enrolled in an lpn program and am going to finish in oct 2007.
    i'm have mild hearing loss in my left ear and moderate hearing loss
    in my right ear. i had a tube placed in my right ear which has helped my hearing some.
    i need suggestions on a stethoscope that i can hear really good.

    my dream is to become a nurse and i don't want this to stop me.
    i'm a single mother of 2 boys and don't have a whole lot of money to experiment with different stethoscopes.

    please help!!!!!

    lpn student in oregon
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  3. by   CityKat
    I know there are special stethoscopes people with hearing problems can get. I recently finished my med surg II clinical and a friend in the clinical is legally deaf. She has a special stethoscope that she has to use in order to hear things, but she can everything someone without a hearing problem can hear. All I know is it is very expensive. I would suggest doing a search online for hearing impaired stethoscope. Here is one that I found on
    Thinklabs ds32a Digital Electronic Stethoscope with Ambient Noise Rejection & iPod Connectivity
    I think I clicked the wrong button. But while I was looking, I found these for you too.
    Hearing Impaired Model E
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  4. by   manofcare
    I have hearing loss in my left ear and wear a out of ear hearing aid. I can use a conventional stethoscope, but I feel I miss some subtle sounds. I received a Littman 3000 Electronic stethoscope for Christmas. The tubing is like a conventional scope in that you can wear it around your neck. Most others I looked at had bulky battery boxes at the Y and seemed hard to carry. It also runs a AAA batteries which are cheap and easily available. The amplification is up to 18X normal hearing, and it returns to the level you last left it at. This is cool because you don't have to readjust the volume each time you auscultate. It also turns off after three minutes of use. I went with the Littman because I used one of their Classic II scopes before and really could tell the difference from the cheapie scopes. Yes, you do get what you pay for. My wife paid around 260.00 for the scope on-line. I know it sounds like a lot, but you are probably like me in the regard of being concerned about missing something. You might try a standard Littman before you jump off into an electronic model. Best of luck!

  5. by   kenzy
    I had severe hearing loss in my left ear and with my right ear being fine still had much difficulty taking a blood pressure. I used an electronic stetascope my first semester until I had my 4th ear surgery. I'm happy to say I was very fortunate and regained my hearing back 80%. Now I use a lipman with very little difficulty. The stethascope I have cost around I think $300. Its still in the box new and I probably would be willing to part with it. It is a Starkey Powered stethascope very little and convenient with all parts still in box. If interested respond!