Starting Clinicals Jan 29!

  1. I am sooo happy! Starting clinicals Jan. 29th.

    I have 3 questions & need your kind help:

    (1) we are recommended to buy SR105 Sprague Stethoscope (black) I know from other posters that a good stethoscope is a good investment. Should I settle with this for the beginning and graduate to better ones? Or should I buy a good one now?

    (2) we are told to buy 'nursing shoes' & not sneakers. Which nusing shoes are the most comfy (good arch support, and soft enough to accommodate my little bunions)?

    (3) How much malpractice insurance should I buy? The school recommends 1-6,000,000.

    Thank you!

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  3. by   ADN 2002
    Hi Christina!

    Congrats on starting clinicals -- it was my first clinical day that I knew I was exactly where I belonged, and that was the best feeling in the world! Now I'm getting ready to graduate in May, and I'm kind of sad to see school coming to an end.

    So, to answer your questions:

    1. Actually, our school doesn't recommend a sprague stethoscope (and of course, right after being accepted, I had run out and bought one b/c I was so excited...). The spragues are hard to hear softer sounds out of. The stethoscope our program recommends is a Littmann Classic II S.E. I tried taking a BP with my sprague and then tried a friend's Littmann, and the difference was unbelievable! You could hear everything! I really didn't realize what I was missing, and needless to say, I went home and ordered my Littmann. I got a really good deal from - I got it for between $50-55 and they threw in the name tag (a $6 value) and I had that engraved; it's really nice. (But I haven't let myself listen to anything with a Littmann Cardio - I'm afraid I'll want one -- but if you're thinking of going into cardiology, you might look into those...but they're really expensive.)

    2. I have a pair of Nursemates, but I'm not sure of the style name. It looks like a regular walking shoe (similar to a Reebok), except it's all white except for Nursemate's signature blue heart. They give me a lot of support (and I'm overweight) and my feet rarely hurt after a 12 hour clinical.

    3. Actually, my college carries malpractice insurance for the nursing programs, I think it's a $5M policy, and I believe our teachers each have a policy on themselves. You might make sure you aren't already covered.

    Hope all this helps, and let us know if there's anything else you'd like to know! Good luck with clinical! I'm starting mine about the same time you are.

  4. by   eventsnyc
    Dear ADN2002,

    Thank you for the reply and the valuable information from an experienced person. You are great help!

    I will order the Littmann Classic ll SE after I have checked with my adviser next week! I don't want to be the only one with a different stethoscope. A nervous newbie here, LOL.

    I bought all the books yesterday, they are proudly displayed on the table. My college requires us to finish all the pre reqs before the clinicals, so I will only have 8 credits of nursing to work on each semester (keeping my work).

    During the summer, I may take the extra 3 pre reqs for the later BSN. Considering also a bridge program RN-Master for second degree students. Need to find out which program is better. What are your plans after May?

    I will take the 'CPR for professional rescuers' tomorrow at the Red Cross. Fitting for uniforms next week. I know many in my school say they are not pretty, but I will be a very proud wearer.

    The badge will say "Christina, NS". Agree, what a feeling! A new beginning!

    Hugs & I wish you lots of success in your studies and career!
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  5. by   ADN 2002
    Hi Christina,

    Glad I could help! I remember all too well what it was like being a newbie in the program.

    After graduation, I've still got to get through NCLEX (ugh) but our program is very heavily recruited, so I will most likely have a job before graduation. (I believe all but 2 from the previous class had jobs at graduation time.) There is a hospital in Houston where I had clinicals one semester and would really like to work (in L&D), so I may be talking to them.

    I'm very excited and nervous, but I still have a LOT of work ahead of me before I graduate. My instructors actually assigned one of the papers we have to write for this semester before the holidays (and I, of course, was really busy, then got really sick, so I did not start mine).

    As far as further education, I'm not really sure what I'm going to do, except that I am going to work before trying to go back. There are several students in my class looking at the RN-MSN bridge program, but I hear it's brutal.

    Our uniforms are rather plain (and I've described them in the School Uniforms thread on this BB if you're interested) but I am proud to wear mine -- but I'll still be glad to be rid of it! All white is hard to keep clean!

    Best of luck this semester! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  6. by   LuvaNurse04
    Hi Christina!

    I think we may be in the same class. Are you at the comm college in nyc?
  7. by   eventsnyc
    Hello Kristin,

    I first wish you successful completion of your final semester, and next: to pass the nclex!

    I will take the kind offer, and come to you for questions! Feeling very fortunate

    God bless you,
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  8. by   eventsnyc
    Hi Lilmamita,

    I hope that you are in my class! I go to bmcc.

  9. by   LuvaNurse04

    I believe that I am. Feel free to e-mail me anytime.