So what makes you pass out? - page 3

Okay they say everyone in nursing has that one thing that totally makes them a little light headed. I have been to the OR, watched a stage 4 pressure ulcer be dressed without being bothered. THe one... Read More

  1. by   Satori77
    This is a great thread! I am not a nursing student (yet) but it is nice to know that nurses are people and get grossed out or feel faint. I work in veterinary medicine and not much bothers me. Actually, the grosser the better! I love that stuff. I wonder if it will bother me on a human, where it doesn't on an animal (the whole thinking it could be you, your husband, your kids, etc). I don't know. The one thing I think will really bother me is poop. I know these people can't help it, and it is a natural bodily function. I can clean up dogs, cats, babies....but the thought of wiping poop off of an adult really grosses me out. I can't help it. Does that ever get easier???
  2. by   Meriwhen
    Eyes, anything to do with the eyes.