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SO! What are you all taking this semester?? Me: Chem I Chem I Lab A&P I A&P I Lab Foundations of Nursing Ethics... Read More

  1. by   moni rn
    nothing incredibly hard, here!

    medical terminology

    in the spring is when all the fun starts: clinicals!
  2. by   lalajenn
    Since I am not able to go into nursing school for my ADN I will take classes towards my BSN and I am taking

    Govt 2302 (the second half) and
    Abnormal Psyhology
  3. by   giftedRN

    I am so disappointed because I was planning to do 15 credits this semester that would go towards my prerequisites but unfortunately I am doing 16 credits and only six will go towards my prerequisites because I have to do two english prep courses.

    My subjects will be college maths, Psychology, English reading and wriring. English is 10 credits alone. Wow! I am so stressed because I do not have an english problem but they told me that I got low marks in English on my SAT. I am so depressed but I will be doing 5 prereqisites come next semester because I want to get in all my prereq.'s by december to apply for the nursing college by January for fall Semester because the nursing college is very competitive here in the University of South Florida.

    Please pray for me I am so confused.

    This is agidae. Help!!