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  1. Does anyone reading here know of a comprehensive nursing skills DVD series (or a subscription to something like this online) that I can watch over and over. I'm just finishing my second clinical semester and although I've done well gradewise, I feel SO INCOMPETENT skills-wise on the floor that I feel close to terror during my clinical days. The problem, I think, is that we learn/practice something once in lab at the beginning of the semester and then I don't get to actually do it in the clinical setting for weeks to months later if at all. When I finally get the chance to practice a skill in the clinical setting, I've forgotten how it's done and end up klutzing my way through it. Some of the nurses I've worked with have been shocked that I can't remember when I ask them for help and then berate me for not remembering. I've talked to several faculty members about this (and the possibility of incorporating revolving skills review into our program), and their philosophy is, "O that's normal. Just keep asking for help, and with practice you'll start remembering how it's done" The problem is I'm not sure when I graduate in a year that I'll be ready, progressing like this. BTW, many of my classmates have expressed similar concerns.

    Example: I still don't have hanging IVs down like I'd like (have only hung 2 or 3), and would really like to understand the whole system better overall from pump limitations to complications to compatability issues, disconnecting, etc.

    Any recommendations on a DVD series - something I can watch over and over?

    P.S. I *am* trying to get an internship this summer to gain more practice. The problem is I'm competing with several classmates for a limited number of opportunities in our area.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    there are some online videos (though i've heard they are a little outdated) that you can watch at
  4. by   AgataRN
    A classmate of mine told me about this one site. It has 80 skills videos. I haven't looked too deeply into it yet, but it sounds good.

    Not sure if this is what you're looking for.
  5. by   Virgo_RN
    I've solidified my skills on the job. Like you, we get a basic introductory session on skills in NS, but the real practice comes on the floor. I'm in my second year of an ADN program, and am working as an LPN. While we learned foley insertion in first year, I still have yet to do it in clinical practice. Hanging IVs, I do all the time. I'm pretty solid on that skill.
  6. by   MollyMel
    We were required to get "Taylor's Video Guide To Clinical Nursing Skills (ISBN-10 : 0781773644). It is 16 dvd/cd-roms plus an assessment video. Don't let the Amazon price of $3,850.00 fool you. It sells for $30-$40.
    I like the videos, sometimes they are a little cheesy, but they do a pretty good job of not leaving anything to your imagination (where do they get the actors?).