Skill Module

  1. I just finished being a guinea pig for the venipuncture model for this year. I think my lab partner was shaking so bad!

    She tried 4 times to stick me... it didnt hurt, but i KNOW i am going to bruise!

    We also did TB tests on eachother. She did that 3 times on me, but she kept going so deep that it wouldnt leave a weel.

    I never mind working with her though, she is so nice and careful, and I have a pretty high pain tolerance. Just a little sting

    So much fun! I had to demonstrate for the class on my professor! Talk about stress I just made sure that she wouldnt lower my grade if I missed but I got her on the first time, which impressed the rest.

    I am going out for lunch today with kevin, since I got done early with clinicals for the day. Pizza hut MMMmmmm!

    Now if I can just get through Public health clinical without pulling all my hair out, life will be grand

    I also have a big test on Saturday. The Mosby Assess test. I have to rank in the top 80% of the national average to get to skip my Public Health Final (which would be fantastic) at the end of the semester. Top 80% doesnt sound too hard?

    I have never taken the Mosby before, but i heard it is basically set up like the NCLEX, so Im not too worried. Im mostly P.O.ed about having to do in on a Saturday.

    Next friday night I am working Hospice, which I am looking forward to. I get to count it for clinical hours too, which is nice!

    Well... I should get something accomplished before lunch. Hope your week is going good!

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  3. by   GPatty
    Bless your heart~ you are soooo brave! I am scared to death about my partner doing any kind of needle stick on me! (I'm just a chicken, I think!)

    PS You'll do great on that test, so don't worry!
  4. by   KRVRN
    OMG I hated public health clinical!!!! OMG!!!

    We practiced TB tests and IV starts on each other. My teacher was such a b---- that EVERYONE had to be stuck 3 times! I personally didn't care--I would have volunteered to be stuck more often, because some of our classmates were petrified to be stuck at all! Now why do they HAVE to get stuck? Couldn't I just get stuck a few extra times and save them from their fears? Oh no---that just wouldn't have been right.

    I never heard anything about this Mosby test. I would have gladly avoided my public health class final.
  5. by   essarge
    They don't allow students to do any sticks on each other at our school. When I asked why they stated that because of HIV and insurance that they dropped it 5 years ago. We practice on dummies in the classroom and then do it "for real" in clinicals. I'm kind of relieved (not that I don't trust my class mates!! LOL! )
  6. by   NurzofFaith
    Our school still promotes tortue by nursing students..LOL
    We have a lab partner to give a Subq and IM injection too,
    only once though. Practice is done on dummies and these cool
    jelly like pads

    IVs are also jenny pig style..LOL That I am not looking forward
    too as I HATE being stuck for an IV. I was told to pick my partner well...and I plan on doing just that!!