Singing Our Way Through...

  1. Does anyone know of any songs/lyrics that might help us remember details? I'm thinking along the lines of Schoolhouse Rock, but for those studying medicine etc. The only one that I've ever seen is the one for ACLS. It just occurred to me that there might be more out there, and it might help alot. I've done same basic web searches, but only found songs for elementary students. Thanks. Kavi
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  3. by   megmermaid
    what's the ACLS one?
  4. by   NurseShell
    If you find songs let me know!! I've only heard poems like "on old olympus towering tops..."
  5. by   pickledpepperRN
    Originally posted by megmermaid
    what's the ACLS one?
    A terrific instructor named Sherrie, who has been a nurse for 23 years (graduated in her mothers womb) has one copyrighted that stafts
    EVERYBODY (epinephrine)
    and so on.

    My anatomy professor started instead of, "on old Olympus" with:
    "Oh Oh Oh To Touch and Feel".
  6. by   NurseShell
    I've heard it said - and believe it's true - the dirtier the poem the easier it is to remember! AHAHAHAHAHAH
  7. by   kavi
    They were working on this CD when I did ACLS last spring, I guess they still are, but their sample songs are still interesting:

    I'm surprised anyone has copyrighted the "Shock Shock Shock" thing because I've heard it and seen it countless places. A doctor taught it to me several years ago. It's actually:

    Shock Shock Shock
    Everybody (Epinephrine) Shock
    Little (Lidocaine) Shock
    Big (Bretylium) Shock
    Mega (Magnesium Sulfate) Shock
    Please (Procainamide) Shock
    Bye (sodium Bicarb)

    Although the drugs of choice wax and wane in popularity. Right now I believe Bretylium is out of favor in a lot of ER's.

    While I was doublechecking my notes on the above mnemonic, I also came across this one for Bradycardia:
    (All Trained Dogs Eat Iams)
    TCP (transcutaneous pacing)

    Although, once again I've heard that Isoproterenol is out of favor in some ER's.

    One other is a trick of remembering Beta 1 vs. Beta 2 receptor sites: You have one heart and two lungs.
    Beta 1=acts primarily on heart
    Beta 2= acts primarily on lungs

    Anyway, hope these help.
  8. by   kavi
    I found another link, they have songs about respiratory therapy. Most of them are just humorous, but a few offer 'educational' aspects.
  9. by   Hidi74
    " on old olympus towering top a finnish von german viewed a hop!!!" HEHEHE I remember that one...!!!! :-))))