Should I take basic Math course BEFORE taking Chem??

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    I am going to be a student in the fall to start taking pre-req's for Nursing school and wanted to know if I should take a Math course BEFORE I take Chemistry or just go right into the Chem class? I have taken Chem before though it has been 15 yrs and back then I just passed w/a "C". I am nervous because I really want to do better this time especially being I am older, now just about 34. I know to even be considered in the application to any Nursing program you need to have taken Bio & Chem. Any insight would be appreciated!

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  3. by   Hodge
    If you are taking just basic Chem and are fine with Algebra you will ok.
  4. by   RedSox33RN
    If the math is what tripped you up the first time in Chem, you may consider a math review course, or even one that may be required for the nursing degree. I took Math for Allied Health two semesters ago, and it has helped a lot just in the past week with A&P 1. I would have had no clue how to figure out moles had I not taken the course.

    Maybe you can get a Chem syllabus from where you will be taking it, and see how much math is required? I know some prof's have a lot of math, and some very little, or just basic stuff.
  5. by   PCGrad06
    I would take the math first. If only to refresh your memory. Think of it this way if you take math first it can only help with Chem. This is turn could only help your overall GPA!
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  6. by   gemini08

    I have decided to definitely take a Math course whether I get placed in Algebra I or Intermediate Alg. because that foundation will be so important when I do take my Chem. class. Thank you to all who helped me make this important decision.

  7. by   renerian
    I would take the math first. I did both at once with 3 other classes in the summer and I was having a very difficult time. I went back to school after being out some time though.