Should I get a PDA?

  1. I've seen a few threads on here talking about PDA's and I've thought about getting one myself. I was wondering if it is something I can live without or if it really would be in my best interest to purchase one.

    thanks for your advice.
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  3. by   ava'smomRN
    i wouldnt say you couldnt live without it, especially while just doing pre reqs. i find it useful for keeping notes a little more organized and also it is better than carrying 5 notebooks. But i dont think it is a neccesity for pre reqs, maybe nursing school. The school i am going to attend requires them
  4. by   bigwavedave
    there has been a lot of talk on here about pda's. i am starting my last year in nursing school (a bsn program in the d/fw metroplex) and have not had one. i looked into getting one when i started school but could not justify forking over the $$ to get a good one at the time. have i been hurt by that decision? not at all. i really cannot think of too many who use them in my class of 80 or so. most that do just keep there schedules on them. you can also put drug reference material on them along with a whole slew of other useful nursing information. one thing to consider- if you are thinking of recording your lectures- you can dish out the big bucks and spring for a pda w/digital voice recorder. that might be nice to have. i guess it depends on how much you want to spend and if you think you will be disciplined enough to actually use the thing. it could be like my 10 dollar calendar i bought last year to write down class/clinical times on and have not opened it since the first week i had it. i could have used that 10 bucks for a lot of other things i could/would actually use now.
  5. by   palesarah
    my husband bought a used PDA, an older B&W model without any real fancy features, from a friend for me during my last semester. I found it extremely helpful in organizing my time (work, classes, clinicals, job interviews, career fairs, study time, etc). I also downloaded the free version of Epocrates, which is an excellent drug reference in PDA form. Very handy! Not necessary, but very handy
  6. by   shadylane21