Senioritis? (or sophomoritis)

  1. So I'm over it. I'm starting week 5 of the 3rd semester (1 more to go) and I'm literally having to wake up every morning and give myself a lecture/pep talk about going to school/studying or what not. Don't get me wrong- I want to be a RN, but I'm just tired of school. It doesn't help that we are moving out of state when I graduate- SO has a fantastic job offer that he has put off to wait for me to finish school, we have a beautiful house waiting- literally our dream house- and an entire network of friends where we are moving. So I'm literally chomping at the bit to "get on with it" if you know what I mean. Anyone else feeling this way? Its not like I'm slacking or even considering not finishing, but I just feel like May is forever away, especially since every day I really, just REALLY don't want to go to school.
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  3. by   Lisa CCU RN
    I totally understand.

    I am so tired of my one bedroom apartment with three people in it.

    I am so tired of writing papers, doing busy work, and not being able to do total care for my patients (in our program, we can't do IV pushes alone and I feel like I'm missing out on a lot).

    I am the most tired of being broke.

    It will soon be over in December.
  4. by   jncRN
    That is EXACTLY how I'm feeling!

    I just want to get out there and be a 'real' nurse...I, too, feel like all these essays and crap are just 'busy work'.

    I just keep telling myself that the first three years went quickly, so these last few months will, too.

    Hang in there...we will be finished soon!
  5. by   Megsd
    Quote from CRNASOMEDAY25
    I am the most tired of being broke.
    Amen to that! I can't wait till I graduate in November and start making some MONEY!
  6. by   allthingsbright
    I feel the same way-we are moving out of state and I cant wait! Wont be til June tho!

    I am so burnt and crispy right now!