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Does anyone have any sugestions for purchasing scrubs? Will scrubs schrink very much when you wash them? I am buying my scrubs outside the school because of the high cost at school. I go to Icc in... Read More

  1. by   agent
    Originally posted by manna
    I'm already dreading the "all white" uniform idea... I can't manage to wear white even now without spilling something, dropping an ink pen into my lap, etc etc etc....
    yeah gross..

    I dont know too much about any pocket protectors.. I will get a special pen that uses a cartridge.. less likley to leak
  2. by   lehua
    I saw a bunch of simple scubs at the local thrift stores that look good and are super cheap. I have been thinking of buying them but dont want to bring anything germy home. What do you think?
  3. by   essarge
    The men in out program have uniforms (all white also) that make them look like a dentist. I think they are even worse than ours!!
  4. by   obeyacts2
    Dont worry about germs on thrift store stuff...........the stuff on reg stores is tried on repeatedly too..........Just throw in dryer on cremate 20 minutes. Kills anything