1. I am a 32-year old single Mom going back to college. I want to get into the nursing field, but I have been out of school for the last 10 years. I recently applied to Platt College and was not accepted. What other schools would you recommend? I am looking at CONCORD, PIMA, and PICKENS TECH. I would like to attain my BSN, but I am willing to start out with an LPN. I am interested in the area of surgery or plastic surgery.

    Any advise is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Aren't those proprietary schools? What's wrong with the local community college or public university programs? Almost always more cost effective.
  4. by   klone
    There are a bunch of community colleges in Colorado that have nursing programs. Off the top of my head, there's Red Rocks and Front Range, but I know there are many more.
  5. by   caliotter3
    Pike's Peak Community College has an LPN exit option, as well as a traditional program, an advanced placement program, and an agreement with UCCS to start courses toward the BSN while still in the second year of PPCC's program. Now that's what I call bang for your educational buck.
  6. by   jaimebarger
    What is wrong with proprietary schools?
  7. by   jaimebarger
    There are so many requirements and rules to apply to the community colleges. I have to have a 3.0 and have pre-reqs completed. It seems faster to get a certificate from a proprietary school.
  8. by   meanmaryjean
    Quote from jaimebarger
    What is wrong with proprietary schools?
    Cost, (sometimes) sketchy or non-existent accreditation, Cost, (sometimes) poor quality instruction leaving you unhireable, Cost, and (oftentimes) non-transferable credit when you try to go for a higher degree. (More often than not) horrendously low NCLEX pass rates.

    They prey on people who 'don't know what they don't know'. Look up the ITT Tech scandal and read about the thousands of victims.