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Just went and picked up my uniform for clinicals and .......YUK!! That is definetely not the style I would pick for myself (not to mention that the sizes run REALLY small making me more aware of how... Read More

  1. by   mcg02
    I attend the Medical College of Georgia School of Nursing in Augusta,Ga. Our uniforms are white pants only, with a royal blue or all white top of any style. The patch is on the left sleeve and our name tag on the left chest area. It is ok, but you have to be careful "that tiem of the month" with white pants
  2. by   ADN 2002
    Our uniform isn't too bad, but I'll still be glad to get rid of it! We wear white button down tunics with 2 large pockets and white pants (pockets/no pockets is up to us). Also, we have to have our school patch sewn onto the left sleeve, and we have a school issued photo ID that we have to wear. We have lab coats, but we never wear them when we're working in the hospital, just when we're there gathering information and for orientation, and whatever else the school decides we need to wear it for. The only time we've been able to wear whatever kind of scrubs we want was during pedi b/c the kids were afraid of us the first week when we went in wearing all white (lol...I probably would have been scared of us too).