School....that is all i need to say

  1. hello everyone! wish i woulda seen this site a long time ago!! 3rd semester now.... so how do you guys deal with other students that just get on your last nerve?!! and, how do you deal with stress outside of school.. i really feel like i cry more now than i have my whole life! i want to be able to go home and be happy and not constantly worry about work, or tests..well all of it! i would love to have a few hours a day that i dont have to be stressed and then either get crabby at or nasty to my man.. thats how i feel lol
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  3. by   Jules A
    Well I figure its kind of a preview for what you will be dealing with when you get out there in the working world. Hang in there you are almost done!
  4. by   NewRN2008
    I have worked for years and never have come across this bad. is it more that i am doing more particular nursing? or is it just my state? lol
  5. by   ktwlpn
    Nursing school is really tough and you're feeling the stress.That's why everything is getting on your nerves.The people in your life that love you will understand-as for your classmates try to keep to yourself until you can get yourself centered. You're feeling a little tired and burned out-maybe a little depressed.And nurses are always the last to take care of themselves.Make sure you are putting aside some time to do the things that help you relax-get some exercise,make sure you are eating right.Take a good multi vit and get outside in the sun. Make sure you have an area in your home (like the bedroom ) that you don't study in and make it your sanctuary with candles,potpourri etc.It's your getaway.Get some aromatherapy you can carry with you,maybe a worry stone or worry beads to use to calm and center yourself when things start to snowball during the day-practice slow deep breathing.When you feel yourself start to get tense these things really help calm your body and mind..You may need to see your doc for an anti depressant to help you over the hump.You have to take care of yourself now-your brain is telling you that you need a break.If you don't listen then your body will tell you the same thing and you'll get sick physically...The last year of school and the first year of your new career are both highly stressful-start some good habits now to help get through it.Good luck ..