School Supplies for a Newbie Student

  1. I have a (probably silly) question:

    I thought to start off, I'd get a notebook and folder for each class, then see what else I needed, if anything.

    What I didn't do, was count my labs as separate classes. So for example, I got 1 notebook and 1 folder for A&P, but I didn't get anything for the Lab. Do you reccomend something add'l? Same for my Chem.

    What else do you reccommend for class? I don't need a steth. or anything until next semester.........


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  3. by   essarge
    In both our chem lab and A&P lab we had to have composition books. I had a spiral that had pockets in it for each class. It kept all of my papers and any handouts that were given out in the class.

    I also had a manilla folder for each section of A&P for things that I found on the internet that helped me with studying.

    The other thing that was absolutely a wonderful thing to have was a bookbag on wheels. It was great and saved my back allot of aches and pains!! The books nowadays are super heavy! I only paid $20.00 for mine at one of our discount stores.

    Hope this helps!!
  4. by   BrandyBSN
    Did you get a planner???? Its something a lot of people seem to not thing of, but during those first few days they give you so many dates and times, it is best if you can take it with you the very first day of class. Make sure that your planner has a place to write on for each day, and then also has a monthly calendar page for each month, so that you can put the most important things on that page (tests, big projects, etc.) and see them at a glance.

    Something that might help in your notes (since you will be writing a TON of notes) is to pick a bright color of pin, and date your notes at the top of each day you start, it makes flipping to notes from a certain section a lot easier.

    I would buy a little memo pad, and keep it in your backpack, and then when you enter clinicals keep it in your lab coat. Keep your TO-DO list in it, so that if you are suddenly sitting in class, and remember that you need to buy milk, you can jot it down, and then forget about it. Its off your mind, and you can concentrate 100% on your class session.

    Circulate a sheet of paper during your first week of classes, and get all your classmates home phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, ETC. That way if you ever need to get in touch with someone quick, you have all your classmates info together, and can get help if you need it.

    On a more creative note... take a picture of yourself on your first day of classes. Get it developed, and KEEP IT! on the back of the picture, write down all the emotions that you are feeling that day, then when you get stressed out, look at it, and read the back... and see how much you have learned and how far you have come.

    I can't wait to hear about all that is going on your first week!

  5. by   peaceful2100
    The first day I think everyone should have 3 things to make it through 1) a notebook or binder with notebook paper, pens/pencils, and 3) a Calender/planner. That will get you through the first day and that way you will find out exactly what you need and what the teacher expects. I finally learned my lesson to get only the 3 things I mention because I always either overspend and buy too much or buy things but not get the right stuff.