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  1. okay I am a major office supply geek to begin with, but I just can't wait to buy my school supplies for the fall. I already bought a very cool Nike binder. It's a 3 ring binder and it also has an accordian file built in, along w/ lots of pockets and pen holders. It's exactly what I needed so I went ahead and bought it. I am trying to wait until Georgia has their sales tax holiday to buy the rest of my stuff, but it is killing me. I want to go ahead and get it all now so I can play and get all organized! anyone else feel this way or am I the only office supply geek?

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  3. by   fnimat1
    No, you're not the only office supply geek...I've already been to Staples and Office Depot and Wal-mart to price supplies that I'm going to

  4. by   angelac1978
    lol exactly! i was at staples yesterday and they had college ruled paper on sale, 600 sheets for like $1.40. is that a good deal? i honestly don't know, but I wanted to buy it so bad!

  5. by   fnimat1
    That's a great deal!!!!! Wow!!! I need to go to Staples later this evening....:-)

  6. by   Deb123j
    If you guys are geeks so am I!!! :chuckle Not only can I not wait to buy my school supplies - I can't wait to buy supplies for my son!!! Good grief! Is there anyone else out there that gets excited when a new color of post-its comes out!!! My part time job is in a art/school supply store and I see soooooo many cool things there when I work I want to buy them all!!!
  7. by   angelac1978
    oh man, i just saw a pack of post-it's last night that I wanted to get so bad! they were all pink, but each post it pad changed shades of pink from light to dark. they were just sooo pretty! i think I am gonna have to go get them. I also saw a highlighter that also had those post it "flags" built in, which I also thought was way cool. School supply geeks unite!

  8. by   Deb123j
    At my second job - they have retractable highliters!!!!!

    Hmmmm...guess what I bought last Thursday when I worked???

    Those post-it's sound pretty cool!!! :angryfire It stinks that they are soooo expensive!!! I like the gold and silver ones.
    I'm so pathetic that for Christmas last year my b/f got me a post-it despenser!!! Boy does he ever know what I like!!!
  9. by   studentnurse74
    I'm also a geek. I went to Wal-Mart today and got the 25 cent notebooks along with 15 cent folders. I color coordinate my folders and notebooks for each subject. Nerdy, but practical. I've already bought highlighters, and a planner, with different colored pens for writing things like blue for assignments, red for tests, green for clinical dates, etc. I just can't wait until my bp cuff comes so I can practice on my hubby. :chuckle
  10. by   HyperRNRachel
    It is not an issue of being a GEEK, it is absolutely necessary, in order to keep up with all the information that will be given to you. Within each notebook, I suggest you add a calendar (full page type) to keep an at a glance view of what assignments are due.

    The funny thing about being will see the other student picking up on your system.
  11. by   Honeybun1206
    lol. i remember in grade school when i used to be sooo excited about getting my markers, crayons, notebooks.. that was the highlight of the first week of school for me. but when i got to high school, getting new supplies seemed "eh.".

    now that im entering nursing school, i cant wait! haha. im so excited to get my steth, bp set, etc... im planning to buy my notebooks, folders, etc. in the near future too.
  12. by   hoppermom3
    Not only have I bought my school supplies and ordered my books, uniforms, and clinical supplies--I actually have my bag packed for the first day of school! My oldest daughter and I packed our bags last night. The 2 younger kids are NOT interested in getting ready for school yet.
  13. by   Deb123j

    I'm not actually starting my "nursing" curriculum till next fall - I'm taking general classes this year. But I've already started buying book for nursing school. And I plan on buying my steth, uniforms, and anything else I can think of by next summer.
  14. by   fnimat1
    [QUOTE. Within each notebook, I suggest you add a calendar (full page type) to keep an at a glance view of what assignments are due.

    The funny thing about being will see the other student picking up on your system.[/QUOTE]

    That is a great idea about keeping a calendar to keep yourself abreast about what assignments are due. Thanks!!!!