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I have a rant-Today I went to my public library to study micro. There are signs that say to turn cell phones off. I was there for five hours and there were people on cell phones all around me. I... Read More

  1. by   jazz_is_my_game
    I don't study at my uni's library. Too loud..too nasty (I have seen banana peelings on tables-- yuck). I think common sense is no longer common. I prefer to study in my car (if I need to) or at home.
  2. by   Prettyladie
    Quote from SnowRain7489
    It doesn't matter if you are 40+ or not!! I started college at 19 & I have always wanted it to be quiet in the library. I went to a community college for 3 years & hated the library there because it was ALWAYS so loud. I would drive 3 miles down the road to a 4year college and study there. The library was wonderful there, so quiet at any time of the day. The floors had carpet so you really couldn't hear anyone if they walked around ya. They also had rooms where people could go and workon the computer, because the "clicking" noise could disrupt some people. The nursing school that I go to now though (as I've mentioned before) is loud. So

    I think the poster meant, more than 40 people in the library she was disturbing, not 40 and OLDER. =) Sorry, I just wanted to point that out.