Returning from LOA

  1. Has anyone here returned from an LOA? How did you feel? How did you "remember" things?!

    I finished semester 3 of 6 for my RN program in June 05 and took a break off this semester because we were surprised with a pregnancy one month post op of Gastric Bypass! I'm a type I diabetic too and having had a previous miscarriage in 1999 am considered high risk, so I took the semester off from school so as to not endanger our son (its a boy!) and so I could be fully able to participate in clinicals!

    So, if all goes well I will be returning in January. The baby is due 10/31 but we are hoping he comes next week as I am Huge and it feels as though he is engaged in my pelvs - c'mon baby! But we don't want him to come too early because babies of diabetic moms take longer to mature their respiratory system.

    Anywhoo - I'm feeling like I have forgotten everything! I do well in nursing school, A's and B's and do well in clinicals too - but I'm fearing that I will forget it all! I do have the reading for the first two tests of next semester as one of my former classmates gave me her reading list so I can start reading now if I want to but I'm almost afraid that I will either A. forget it all or B. not be able to return because of finances.

    I do intend on returning though so I'm guessing I should just start reading.

    Did anyone have problems with memory when they returned or did it all come back to you?

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  3. by   angelac1978
    I didn't take a leave of absence, but I did have to take a year off from school and start all over again. All the things I had learned in my first semesters came right back to me, I am relieved to say! I was a little rusty at my skills at first, but once I got back into clinic, it all came back. You will do fine! Congrats on the baby!

  4. by   WSU_Ally_RN
    I took a LOA a year and a half ago for 6 months. I thought when I returned to school last September that I had forgotten EVERYTHING! I really surprised myself though, I hadn't forgotten anything! I think nursing is like riding a bike... once you know how to do it, you don't ever forget. Good Luck with the baby, and congratulations!
  5. by   cherokeesummer
    Thanks for the congrats and well wishes everyone! It would be nice to know that I won't forget everything!