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hi, i'm a single mom of 2 boys, working full time and trying to go to nursing school full time. i'm looking for differnt ways to study.guess u could say i'm frazzled...and need a little help from... Read More

  1. by   GMD
    I too am starting Nursing school in Aug, but I received my BS in psych. What I used to do and what I will continue to do is read out loud and record it. Of course you probably know that reading out loud is the best way to retain info because you are using two senses (sight plus sound) but if you record it (and I will be using my daughters Barbie sing along tape deck with matching walk-man) you can listen to it on the way to school or anywhere you go, my car no longer has a tape deck so I will be sporting the pink ear piece, but yours might. Good luck in school!