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  1. Hey everybody!
    I am thinking about going into the healthcare field (Im currently a senior in HS). However, my only interest is in reproduction. I love the whole aspect of it, and thought about being an RN for labor and delivery. Unfortunately, I'm not sure being an RN. Any other occupations that deal with reproduction? Like ultrasound tech, or CNA (but im not sure they are used in L&D) Please let me know, my thoughts on my future are like a fish out of water. Thank you

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  3. by   AmyLiz
    Heck, you could become a scientist...there's lots of reproductive research going on. Or medical school & become an infertility specialist. Chemist, biologist, physiologist, could go in many different directions with reproduction. I'd suggest job shadowing a few different professions to see what really sparks your interest.

    Good luck!
  4. by   mitchsmom
    or nurse-midwife (CNM) like me
  5. by   opalmRN
    Quote from bluerose31112
    Hey everybody!
    Any other occupations that deal with reproduction? Like ultrasound tech*Confused
    Ultrasound is used mostly before L&D. I worked in an infertility clinic as a U/S tech. Loved the work and saw all types of repro disorders and success stories. U/S is just one of many fields in reproduction.

    Good luck to you