Recommendations for Study/Test Taking Programs?

  1. Well I did it! I made it through my first semester of Nursing School, but not without a great deal of sweat. Each test was tougher than the previous one and I almost gave up. It just killed me that, while I am TOTALLY in my element in clinicals, low scores on my tests might keep me from doing what I was born to do.

    I've come to realize that I never learned how to really study. When I was in school the first time (when we rode dinosaurs rather than school busses) I never had to study and aced everything. Now, I'm really struggling.

    I've bought several books and devoured them, but it still doesn't seem to have helped. Has anyone taken a Sylvan/Kaplan/etc type program to help in this area? I was thinking that now that I have the summer off I could invest some serious time and find out where I'm going wrong.

    Thanks for your help.
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  3. by   purplemania
    I believe most of the commercially available programs are focused on graduates preparing for NCLEX . There are many study aids for passing NCLEX, and they help you learn. Most have CD's in the packet so you can practice testing and read the rationales. Other than that, you might try your school's library to see if they have textbooks on the rack that you can flip through. Good luck. And let your brain have a holiday!
  4. by   TLC RN
    Check with your school. All the universities and colleges I have been to have study skills classes. Start with you academic advisor.

    Also, I would ask what other students who are successful do. One thing that has been helpful for me is studying the professors testing style. Basically I look at what they asked on the test and compare it to what the lectured on. Then the next test, I have an idea of what they may emphasize on the test. Also, for finals if it is cumulative, review your old tests. So many times I did not do that and half the questions were exactly from the tests given over the semester.

    Good luck & great thinking to evaluate how you study and how to improve it!