ranking BSN programs

  1. Maybe somebody can help me out I am looking for a ranking of BSN programs. All I can seem to find is US news reports ranking grad programs

    thanks in advance
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  3. by   essarge

    I surfed the net and didn't find out anything either. Usually, if it's on the net I can find it!!

    I would start with rankings in my own state, you may be able to get those by calling the department of education in the state that you are in. If they don't have it, they may be able to point you in the right direction.

    I don't pay too much attention to the rankings, more to what the students have to say about the program. I think they are a better guage because they are the true one's that have taken courses their!

    Are you just starting to look for a program?

    Where are you located?
  4. by   Doey
    I checked out the site for us news rankings of colleges also. When you get to the home page there is a category at the top of the page that says graduate, but right below where it says "2001 college rankings" are the rankings for undergraduate programs. You can either use the search feature to find a specific school or choose from the area of the country. Good luck!
  5. by   berry
    Thanks for the help I still did not find exactly what I wanted.......essarge I am in a program at the university of South Alabama I was just curious as to how they stacked up against others.
  6. by   Doey
    I found these two sites. I don't if they are what you're looking for but I hope they help.

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  7. by   walkerj
    Can someone assist in ranking the following schools?
    Johns Hopkins
    Thomas Jefferson University
    Binghamton University
    University of Buffalo

  8. by   windsurfer8
    The one that allows you to take the NCLEX when you are done.
  9. by   i♥words
    I looked at my state's board of nursing website. They had a section that gave all the NCLEX pass rates for the past 5 years and I used that to help me make my decision.