Question for KC area nurses/students

  1. I am going to St. Luke's College for an interview for nursing school next week (yay!) - was wondering if any nurses/students from the Kansas City area might have some advice/opinions on their program? Is it a good school? I am attracted to the smaller class sizes, but don't know anyone who has gone there personally. Inside scoop, anyone?

    Thanks for your help!

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  3. by   KC CHICK
    Didn't go to Saint Luke's....went to Penn Valley Community College. I think the program prepared me for entry level nursing. Passed boards w/no problem.
    Is Saint Luke's a 3-year degree program?? I'm not very familiar w/it......heard about it though. Penn Valley is a 2yr program and there were 37 in my graduating class.
  4. by   peaceful2100
    KCSUN3 I can't give you personal inside scoop from being a student at Saint Lukes since I go to Research-Rockhurst but I can tell you that I have heard many wonderful things about Saint Lukes and for those who don't know about Saint Lukes it is a BSN program where you do your pre-req's for the first two years at another school like a university or community college and then you do the nursing classes the last 2 years of the program. You have to have like 62 credit hours before you can start. Saint Lukes was my first choice but I went to Research because I could start in January at Research compared to August at Saint Lukes. I know a couple of people that go there who say they really like it. Saint- Lukes also have a crossover program for those who have their ADN's they can take courses to become get their BSN. It is a good school that is a little bit more expensive then say UMKC and if you live in Kansas then it will be more cheaper for KU then Saint Lukes. BUT you will get more attention at saint lukes because the school is smaller and it is not a university. I went to a little one day nursing camp they had there about 3 years ago and it was so wonderful.
  5. by   kcsun3
    Thanks, KC Chick and Peaceful! I'm going to JCCC right now finishing my prereqs and I've been very happy there, but want my BSN. I applied to KU and St. Luke's for next fall.

    I've heard mixed reviews about KU, but it is the most affordable option. St. Luke's would be a stretch for me financially, but I really like the idea of smaller classes.

    Thanks for passing on the good things you have heard, Peaceful! That's great news and I appreciate it. On a side note, two classmates of mine at JCCC have already been accepted to St. Luke's and Research, but they will both be going to Research like you, because the program starts in January and they can get started sooner. I've heard really good things about the program at Research, too, but I couldn't get the prereqs done in time for their program.

    I'm nervous about the St. Luke's interview - apparently they let you know that week if you are accepted or not (wow). Wish me luck!!

  6. by   peaceful2100
    Yeah research is really good and they could get more people to attend their program if it was not so expensive. I wish you good luck at your interview KCSUN.