Question about rotations

  1. I am starting a RN program in January and was just wondering if some of you lucky soon to be graduates would mind giving me and the other "beginning" students a quick run down of each of your major rotations and the things you did as far as your responsibilities and stuff...


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  3. by   janleb
    well, Each program is a little different, and I think the BSN students do more community and peds than the adn students. But anyway, our first year was med-surg for three quarters. In that time we did rotations in the ER, ICU, and any other area we thought we might be interested in. I had a real flexable instructor.Second yr I had a quarter of OB/Psych clinicals 5 weeks each. and then the winter quarter coming up is med-surg again, and then I finish off with med-surg again and some community rotations. the last three weeks is preceptorship and then for the finale.............................graduation
  4. by   BrandyBSN
    Sophomore Year, second semester, we had an "interest" clinical, where we went and shadowed a nurse in various areas to give us an idea of what we might want to specialize in.

    Junior Year, A full semester of Med-Surg, 18 hours a week. A full Semester of Peds and OB, 8 hours every tuesday and thursday, alternating between PEDS and OB. We also had hospice/Chronic Illness/Gerontology clinicals, which were 6 hours every week for a full semester.

    This year (senior) -
    Community Mental Health Nursing - 180 hours minimum for one semester.
    Rural Public/Community Health - 180 hours minimum for one semester.
    Clinical Speciality Elective - 120 hours minimum for one semester (mine is Emergency/Trauma)

    I am also taking an additional nursing informatics elective, for 30 hours, but its not required, we have one required informatics class freshman year, but i like the field, so I am doing a little extra.

  5. by   essarge
    Sophomore year here. We start clinicals next semester with LTC (not my favorite) and then next year it's into Med Surg, Peds, OB. Senior year is community health and senior capstone experience (I'll be choosing trauma/ER).