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I was pulled into an instructor's office today and told about the "services" on campus when you have allot of stress or problems that you are dealing with. I took offense at this!!! She assumed,... Read More

  1. by   prmenrs
    Strong work!!! Kepp it up!
  2. by   RNforLongTime
    When I was in my junior year of nursing school, which in my 4 year program is the "killer" year, I worked 24 hours a week during school. I worked 3-11pm 3 days a week. Clinicals were 8 am to 1 pm four days a week. Some days after work I would have to go home and spend 2 or 3 hours on Care plans.

    Well, during my Maternal/Child lecture, I would sometimes fall asleep. One day my instructor--who I did Not have for clinicals-came up to me and said maybe I needed to quit working. I politely informed her after all of the other students had left that unlike most of the other students--Mommy and Daddy weren't paying my way and sending me 200 dollars a week for "spending" money that I was paying my own way and in order to do that I needed to work. She apologized and was just concerned that I wasn't giving my school-work my full attention.

    I graduated with a "B" average and passed my NCLEX-RN on the first try with 110 questions!