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Fellow sufferers, has anyone here taken Life Span Development? I find it to be the most contrived load of crap I have ever tried to study. I have to snap myself out of an adjective-induced-trance... Read More

  1. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Yea, I can take it during my first clinicle rotation. If there is one.
    It seems to be a continuing theme as I look ahead.
    Since I've worked with nurses in a professional capacity on a patient care floor, I would say trying to psychoanalyze a patient or wondering where they are in regards to thier "core values" or ANY of that other menutia was never discussed or written. I don't think I'll experience it on a nursing floor, or actually use it to help me in the healing process.
    That's where I'm torn. On the one hand, I need it to complete classes through BSN, on the other, I learn very little useful information and likely perform miserably in those subjects.

    That's just the information that I need. Thank you for sharing that with me.
    You're the second person that responded about it being used in thier clinical rotation.
    (quote from crnsomeday's post)
    So what do you think all of this ridiculous abstractness is for? Why would they make us sit through all of that? Maybe they want us to begin to think outside of the box for a minute. Maybe they want us to examine our thoughts about why human beings act and feel the way they do, and maybe they want us to realize that there could be all sorts of motivating factors behind a person's actions and attitudes. Maybe they want us to learn other ways to look at people so that we can provide them with empathetic and caring assistance tailored to their individuality and humannness.

    Fascinating...............please elaborate as to what kind of scenario this could effective in everyday nursing practice. Excluding the Psych, Peds and OB/GYN floors of course. You sound as if you use it in clinicle practice and that would give me great insight I'm sure.

    As for your comment about me being "abrasive". Why on earth would you be offended by my proclamation that I perhapse lack insight because I'm a male?
    I think you misunderstood my comments. Or if you did extract that from my comments could you please explain why you would feel that way?

    This happens to be a great example of it by the way.
  2. by   colleen10
    Hi there,

    My class at first was pretty boring, it was concentrating on the "theories". We have now started learning about infants and it is getting more interesting. I think some of the information will be valuable because like other posters have said, you will have to do peds and L&D on your clinical rotation. Then, you'll also have to do geriatric, etc.

    As far as changing your career because of the mambo jumbo classes - I hate to say this but no matter what you major in you will have classes that you absolutely must take to graduate but that you feel have very little to do with your carreer.

    My advice is to try to gleen from it what you might use in nursing and if that doesn't work try to get another instuctor next semester.
  3. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    I thought these kind of Humanities courses(Life span development, sociology and Psychology) are based in Psychoanalytical theory.Taking assumptions of the population at large and trying to apply it to an individual to analyze thier cognition of society and the place they reside within it.

    What I read of the foundations of the theory and its own statement about being too abstract to be "operationalized" makes me wonder about how it might be used. Especially if the textbook itself was basicaly saying it couldn't.

    It's so true that no matter what field of endeavor you chose to be schooled in there will be classes that are useless. It just seems that nursing schools are taking it very seriousely and trying to incorporate it into later curicculum when the truth is that it's not used in general practice.

    Algebra is a good example of the same. Required of all with the most basic of equations used by very few. I guess learning how to simplify quadratic equations could be called "the bigger picture"
    if someone was to twist it hard enough. The argument could better be used for "problem solving skills" but I would think that case studies of the not-so-obviouse would be more apropriate.

    Anyway, it's not going to change until those that enroll do. I hear alot of people that like it. The curicculum is skewed to attract it's greatest audience so it can survive. I think if they want to change the enrollment to better reflect the population as a whole to put more bodies into nursing then the curicculum should reflect that. The enrollments clearly show that the curicculum is not recognizing it's gender.
  4. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Heck, don't exclude any floors. Pick any patient. Make one up. I don't think it's possible to make an argument for psychoanalysis of a persons assumed development. It's nothing more than a Humanities course trying to call itself science in order for a curicculum to motivate a target enrollment.

    There is an obviouse disparity of males in these courses. Why do you think that is? It's not closed to students other than Nursing. It's on the list of Humanity electives. Any person is invited to take these classes. What would you suggest is producing this disparity?
    Not that any man is allowed to have an oppinion about it without getting his head chewed off but, why do you think that Nursing is female dominated? What data would you be inclined to examine first in ANY female dominated field?

    Please don't skim what I've said. Read it. Think about what it says. Then contribute an idea, a discussion of core meaning.

    I think our nursing curicculum is being held back "retarded" and does NOT reflect its needs.
    In my far-less- than humble opinnion
  5. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    I hope you don't think that in the real world you can take a shot at someone and not have to answer to it.
    If an anesthesiologist or a surgeon gets one whiff of that attitude of yours you'll wish you were a nurses aid in some far off country where nobody knows you.
    You come off as being sensitive. When one of these God-complex docs finds out, that will be the last day you get called for a case.

    Pack up the attitude unless you can back it up with an inteligent observation or actualy hold more than a one sided conversation. Attacking someones character is a very seriouse action, especialy when your a moderator. Think about it.

    There will be no screen name to hide behind in an OR. In fact there will be nothing that will not expose you. I suggest you change your goal to one of the managerial positions instead. You can be filled with self importance there and attack someones character just because it suits you without a real good argument for it. You can do it all from behind a phone, or maybe you would prefer to confront them in front of thier coworkers and then hide in your office. That would make them feel really bad because they wouldn't have the chance to defend themselves. Wouldn't that be the perfect skill match for you?

    All that "think outside the box" stuff and the "bigger picture" theme to explain something that you can't really give much meaning to. Well there you are. Sounds like all the hospital newsletters and management bull slinging I've ever read. You seem like management material to me. I think you would just be miserable as a CRNA.
  6. by   crnasomeday
    Please excuse me for not dropping everything to answer you, Brad. I have a family to raise, a job to go to, and school matters to attend so sometimes I don't have the time to get into lengthy bulletin board conversations. And most of all, I don't wish to spend my time arguing with people. I certainly have no inclination to argue with you. I said what I wished to say,which BTW was not a "shot" at you, and if you want to continue being rude you will do it alone as I will not be joining in. If you'd like to have a civil conversation, I'm fine with that, but if I don't reply to your post in what you deem to be the right amount of time, you don't have to become mean about it.

    Now, just to respond to your last, very mean post to me. . . I am not attacking your character. I do not know you, and I wouldn't begin to presume what you are like in real life. That is why I said you are coming across as being abrasive instead of doing the namecalling and making the negative digs that you are making at me. Likewise, I would like it if you would try to remember that you don't know me either. You have absolutely no idea what I am like or what I am about. Not that it is any of your business, but you are so totally wrong in your assumptions about me that it's just ridiculous. Oh, but that's don't know me. . .

    It is okay if I don't agree with everything you say isn't it? Just because you feel that the little bit of nursing education you have so far is useless. . .does that mean I have to feel that way too? Or can I disagree with you without having you feel attacked. . .
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  7. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Do you really think YOUR posts are not abrasive?
    As for being mean. I'm not capable of that. If being honest is mean, then I'm not the one with the problem.

    I can't just let myself be kicked around and not say something. If only it's just me that thinks I'm getting gored, That's all that really counts. I went back and read your posts for content before I posted anything. I don't just go flying off the handle.

    I took your silence just as you would after such an exchange but I do feel badly that we havent really said anything that would contribute to this board. A thread usually dies after a couple of days with no responses. Wouldn't you agree?

    If you really think that that theory is applicable to Nursing then it won't be any problem for you to cite a specific example.

    If you disagree with me, now, or in the future on any subject, then I will be open for debate and I will produce an argument as a counterpoint. Should I feel that I am being attacked I will in turn match what I percieve as your emotional pace. For the sake of argument.
    If you ever don't have an argument to the subject or your're not sure of your point or your just tired of talking about it then I won't take offense to you bowing out. That's not what I'm here for. And I certainly didn't originaly post my statement with the intent of "being mean" I just want to honestly say what's on my mind and THAT has it's own honor.