psychosocial nursing dx

  1. My client this wk was a c-birth mom. The picture perfect client. Nothing went wrong. She's doing great w/baby. 3rd child. I need to have a psychosocial nursing dx. I'm just now starting to get comfortable with coming up with the dx on my clients. I'm just having trouble with the psych ones. Would health-seeking behaviors fit for a psychosocial dx? If not, what would in this case??

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  3. by   Imafloat
    Risk for role strain r/t adding third child to family, recovering from surgery, lack of sleep
  4. by   Daytonite
    Unless your client actually made statements that would qualify you to use one of the following nursing diagnoses that I am going to list for you, then you are going to have to make them "Risk for" diagnoses since you say she is the picture perfect client and nothing has gone wrong.
    • Ineffective Role Performance R/T situational crisis [addition of new family member], alteration in physical body [post-op surgery restrictions], depression, pain, or fatigue
    • Risk for Impaired Parent/Infant Attachment R/T lack of privacy [too many visitors]
    • Anxiety R/T threat to self-concept or self-esteem
    • Interrupted Family Processes R/T gain of a family member [this refers to interruption of the bonding process with the infant as in hesitance to hold or interact the infant and/or verbalizing concerns]
    • Family Coping: Potential for Growth R/T meeting needs and adaptive tasks appropriately
    • Situational Low Self-Esteem R/T disturbed body image