Proudest Moments (so far) in Nursing School?

  1. Just curious to find out what have been your proudest moments in nursing school so far?

    Finishing is a given!!!!

    I promise that I had two, but I've been working on a care plan like all week and I swear to you that I cannot even begin to remember what they were! I'll post them when I regenerate a few new brain cells.
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  3. by   AlishaNHayzley
    My proudest was being the first of all my classmates to get to jump in there and do a foley. I thought I was soooo coool.
  4. by   PCGrad06
    i have only completed the cna course for our program. however, when we had to go to the nursing home and care for these little old lovable people. while feeding a lady, my instructor came up and said this is the one i told you all about. (she would scream and hit you) when i was told about her before getting on the floor i thought please dear god don't let me run into this lady. but when i was told she was that lady, it didn't matter to me. i went over and finished feeding her the ice cream. no fear i just watched her movements to be ready to dunk if she were to swing at me. :chuckle at the end of the day, my instructor patted me on the back for being so caring to this lady. i discovered then you never know what you will do until you are faced with it.
  5. by   bluesky
    My proudest moment was when I did my senior practicum at the ER, and many many patients told me what a great nurse I was going to be... and even patients that were nurses themselves! From then on, I just knew that to be true for myself... even when my preceptor and I had differences and she gave me an OK eval thereafter. Nothing matters anymore when you realize that the people you came there to help actually appreciate you. It's so easy to get caught up with everyone else's opinion of you (classmates, lecturers, preceptors, instructors) when you're just developing your skills. ("am I good enough, do I really belong here... etc, etc").

    My other proudest moment was when my friend who suffered a great deal and had to drop out for a year, came back to school! Everyone was saying how she messed up and blah, blah, blah. I am the only one that had faith and kept calling and helping her out cuz I knew she was bright and was going to succeed against all odds. WELL, she came back this semester and got straight A's !!!. If the truth be told, I am more proud of her than anything else, and proud of myself for seeing all the potential inside her that others didn't.

    But I'm not gonna lie... graduation was pretty high up there too!
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