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Hi there everyone! I am pretty new to the boards....I have recently begun pursuing my new career in nursing. I am currently a flight attendant, but I may be layed off any day now! So, I am enrolled... Read More

  1. by   Nurse2bSandy
    At our Community College it takes at least a year to get into A & P, but there are so many other prereq's to take that once I fulfilled them I had a good registration time. Don't focus on what you can't take... just take other classes that you need and you will be in a position to get in next semester. Also, I have found that many teachers will sign in students to summer classes because they feel that only more serious students take summer classes. Our Micro class last summer was filled but the teacher signed in everyone in the room. As I remember it, most of us finished the class, too, because we were on some track for a med course. Not just fulfilling some science requirement for an AA.
  2. by   aj rn 2be
    Thanks, Sandy....
    That is exactly what I am going to do.....I have two other classes I can take before, or after I start all my sciences(I can't take micro until after A&P) Plus, I am trying to become fluent in Spanish, so I am enrolled in that also. So, I can probably take A&P over the you said, the instuctors know you're serious when you want to take it over the summer.
    I guess it's working out, it will be easier to take A&P all by itself anyway, so I can dedicate all my studying to that!
    Thanks again for all the advice!
  3. by   Belgndogs
    I'm almost done with my pre-req's, just have physio this spring quarter. I'm taking them at a community college that does not offer nursing and then transferring them to the CC that does offer nursing. I was specifically told by my nursing advisor that 'you probably wouldn't get into the A&P classes here, and you'd do better to take them somewhere else.' She even gave me a list of the CC's in the area and the classes they offered that directly corresponded and transferred. Same situation, too many people trying to get in. Maybe you could go to a different school and transfer the classes over? That's what several people in my classes are doing. Good luck getting in! I'm hoping to start the nursing program in the fall.