preparing myself for nursing school tests

  1. I have been studying My Saunders NCLEX-RN book just to try and get myself familiar with the style of questions and rationales etc. I haven't really done any questions, but i have been studying the test plan mainly, you know, Levels of cognitive ability, Client needs(and subgroups) , and integrated processes. I am going to start trying to answer some questions now. But i was wondering if anyone thought getting familiar with the test plan was a good idea. I mean they have a a lot of example questions and i have been able to use critical thinking to answer them and explain the rationale behind my answer. I am asking because one of the people i told this to that is going into the program with me said i was wasting my time and that i should have just been answering the questions cause that stuff wont make a difference in school. Personally think it helped me get a little grasp on how to use critical thinking, knowing how to analyze the question and then apply myself. I dunno I'm just worried that i wont get it because i was not practicing hundred of questions. But i don't even know that much about nursing yet thats why i did not really start practicing them. How did you all prepare yourself for the different style of tests and learning??
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    Unfortunately, there is no right way to study for a critical thinking exam. You just have to know your material backwards, forwards and sideways. Then when you read the question--read each answer carefully and decide which one is most important to the situation given. There may be two right anwers but only one is MORE right than the other. :roll
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    Quote from tookewlandy
    How did you all prepare yourself for the different style of tests and learning??
    I actually found the Saunders books quite worthless as a tool to help me answer test questions. It was the Kaplan book that was the most useful to me due to the strategies it offered.
  5. by   tookewlandy
    ohh well i am finding it fun to review the Saunder NCLEX RN book and answer questions. I think what i like about it is that you have to think to get the answers. I wont just answer the questions i go through each answer and explain to myself why its right or wrong, and if there are more than one right answer i explain to myself why one would be better than the other.

    i just wanted to see how everyone prepared for the different style of tests, maybe spark some ideas for myself