1. Hi Friends:

    Anyone else in the NYC area having trouble getting pre-req classes for nursing school in the fall...WHY is this so HARD!!!
    good god
    commiseration anyone? ideas? I'd love to talk to someone who is in the same boat.

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  3. by   ChristineN
    Have you looked into taking pre-req's on-line?
  4. by   laurny
    Thanks for the response! Yes I have and I am taking one course on line statistics, but the others need labs etc ....micro and chem A&P and the program I'm applying to frowns on some of the online stuff are you in a program?
  5. by   allthingsbright
    well, i can sympathize. getting pre-reqs, getting into school, staying in school--the whole thing is HARD! keep your chin up and keep plugging away!
  6. by   kgrands
    Hi Nellie,
    What school are you attending for your pre-reqs?

    I went to Hunter for my pre-reqs and had a lot of trouble finding classes - they were either filled up or weren't offered at night (I work full-time days). Go figure! My solution was to shop around at other schools. If you're a CUNY student, you can go to any other CUNY (it's called going out on Permit). That's how I got all of my pre-reqs done (I went to Hunter, Lehman, BMCC, and Medgar Evers). It wasn't the most fun thing to do but I'm now finished and couldn't be happier. Go to the and check out every school in your borough (or NYC if you're willing to travel a bit).

    The one hitch is that you can't go out on Permit more than 2 consecutive semesters in a row. But, you can always attend a CUNY school as a non-degree student - I think the tuition is a little higher but not much.

    If you do decide to do this, I would recommend taking A&P I, II at the same school - different schools cover the chapters in different semesters and you could easily miss some pretty important systems.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! Good luck.

  7. by   cn2007rn
    Yes, I agree getting into the pre-req's in the NYC area is tough, the classes fill up really fast, when I was taking the pre-req's I remember looking online everyday for sections to open up, good luck! Nursing is tough so I guess they make everything that goes along with it hard too!