Pre-Nursing Student...a little nervous though!

  1. Hello.

    I am a 29 year old student, that has decided to change careers. I have a Business background, but found myself bored and wanting a more rewarding career. I have 3 friends who are nurses and the love it!! I am a little nervous about the program. I was looking over some Anatomy books and was a little overwhelmed with the material...there is sooo much to know. I want to be a nurse and will study as much as possible. I am up for the challenge! I wanted some feedback from others who have discovered nusing as a second career choice. What was your experience in nusing school and the transition change? What helped you to learn the material? Please provide any advise or words of encouragement. Thanks!!!
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  3. by   amybethf
    Welcome to the site! This is also a second career for me too. I am currently in my pre-nursing studies with A&PII left to take in Jan. and starting the program in Fall 07'. Yes, there is a lot of info in the A&P classes and from what I've heard, they are the foundation to nursing classes. In nursing, they go way more in depth of all the systems, so be sure to not just memorize but LEARN the material. Ask yourself if u want to do an accelerated BSN program if u already hold a degree (w/ a business background u will probably have a lot of science prereq's to finish) or an ADN or 2 year program. At my community college, there are 7 pre-req's to take as well as the NET (nursing entrance test) before u can get on the list to be accepted. U can take the pre-req's while u are on the waitlist to get in. At my school, it is a 1.5 -2 year wait. The NET expires after 2 years and u can retake it. I would look into universities or community colleges, get your official transcripts reviewed and then talk to a counselor to see where u stand. I found the science classes to be very interesting and that may also help u gauge if this the career for u. I know that the program is very demanding but the personal and financial payoff is a huge reward for all the hardwork and sacrifice. This site is excellent for help and networking! Good Luck!
  4. by   Race Mom
    Sure, if you breeze through an Anatomy book it is very, very intimidating! Please remember that in class you disect that book into much smaller segments and it will flow. Keep a dictonary near you when you study and look up every word that you don't know. It will be a lot in the beginning, but soon it will be much easier reading. I am 36 and have 2 semesters to go before I graduate and start my new career. Don't think that you have waited too long to make a positive change in your life. If it takes you 4 years to finish and graduate, you will be 34. No matter what you do, you will still be 34 in 4 years, so take this time to do something with your life. Take it one semester at a time and before you know it, you will be where I am...over the hill! No, I don't mean age, I'm talking about being 1/2 done with nursing school. It is a great feeling and every semester seems to go by faster than the last one!
    Congrats on making a change in your life! Don't ever question yourself, just do it!
  5. by   SoulShine75
    Our A&P (both I and II) were more in depth than the nursing material because they (nsg) called it an 'overview' of what we've already learned. They cover the essentials basically. The A&P is more in depth, in my opinion, and from what we've been taught in nsg school. I can't say I remembered all of what we were taught in A& P either. Don't fret though, they will go over the material again when you get into school to make sure you understand it. Just remember that in A&P you will cover everything you need to know, not necessarily EVERYTHING in the text.

    I hope I didn't confuse you more. Good can do it!
  6. by   Daytonite
    Some good links to anatomy websites on this thread:

    You should check your anatomy textbook for an online companion website to help you with studying as well. Many of the current textbook publishers have set up sites like this. Look in the beginning pages of your textbook for the web address. Sometimes it will be printed on the back outer cover of the textbook. If you need an access code or PIN number to get into the website, contact your course instructor or the manager of the college bookstore to get this information.
  7. by   CaLLaCoDe
    :smilecoffeecup: If you have access to your anatomy lab after hours, you can physically touch bones and or look at maps and hopefully learn with others by quizzing them. This can come in handy too because you can handle various bones and use catch phrases for let's say what bone likes to tell lies and which one has a very good sense of humor?! Answers: fibula and humorus..knowing where they are is another matter!