Prayers needed

  1. Well, I just spent ten days in the hospital. My Crohn's disease is flaring up pretty badly, and... I've had to withdraw from school for the rest of the spring semester. The neatest thing is that I was able to do the 'camera pill endoscopy,' or whatever it's called: the pill that has the camera in it, that takes pictures throughout your small intestine. I takes a picture every three seconds!! But it did show a pretty large area where the Crohn's is back. I've been so sick this past month with partial obstructions, increased diarrhea, vomitting, etc. Had a Remicade infusion while I was in & my GI doc says we'll start doing the Remicade every eight weeks, now that the Crohn's is back so badly.

    This is such a downer for me. I'm hoping and praying that this will just be a small 'break,' for me, as far as school goes, but you all are so wonderful, I thought I would ask you to keep my family and myself in your prayers. I have the most wonderful husband in the world & he's been working his a** off, taking care of me, taking care of our 3 year old, and doing his best to keep the house at least clean!

    I was doing so well! No problems with the Crohn's until first part of February, when I started having partial obstructions again. Any prayers are appreciated. You are all so wonderful! Thank you!
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  3. by   kittyw
    (((Kyle's Mom))) :kiss

    Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way.
  4. by   RedKat
    So sorry to hear you're not well. Positive thoughts are coming your way!!! Try to keep your chin up!
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    yes, i will keep you in my prayers.
  6. by   dingofred
    Hang in there!!
  7. by   Katnip
    Of course we will.
  8. by   NurseShell
    Prayers and (((((((hugs)))))))))
  9. by   Mimi Wheeze
    Sending prayers and good wishes your way...

    I like your positive attitude!
  10. by   emily_mom
    Hope things get better soon! It's great that you and your husband have a good attitude. Nursing school will wait for you...
  11. by   NurseDixie
    Get yourself better, you can always go back to school. I had to withdraw due to hubby's health problems. I'm back in now and will graduate in December. Take care of yourself.
  12. by   jnette
    So sorry... this must be terribly frustrating for you. Anyway you can "read ahead" ? At home? Please take care of yourself. Get better.

    ((( )))
  13. by   Robin61970
    ((((((HUGS))))))) Keep your chin up and get better so you can get back in school!
  14. by   clhsunfire
    Prayers are with you. I know you will get better soon. I myself had Ulcerative Colitis for six years with ups and downs. I had a colectomy in 1999 and I have been doing good since then.

    My prayers are with you,