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please answer before reading ahead. i will post replies after 10 people post their answers or in a week, whichever comes first. 16. which of the following actions promotes collaboration in... Read More

  1. by   StudentSandra
    originally posted by lpn,future, rn
    i am waiting with not so much patience on the answers, susan. :chuckle
    need one more person to guess, lol
  2. by   Vsummer1
    I don't think there are 10 students on this board willing to play!
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    I said 10 people or a week, you better read the directions better Val, LOL, maybe I'll be nice and post them tomorrow even if I don't get the tenth answer.
  4. by   Motivated, SN
    Ok, I'll be #10...

    16. B
    17. C
    18. D
    19. D
    20. A
    21. B
    23. A
    24. B
    25. C
    26. A
    50. A
    51. A
    52. C
    53. B
    54. C - Really don't know what "critical pathway" means
    55. A
    56. B
    57. A
    58. A
  5. by   StudentSandra
    the answers!!!

    originally posted by studentsandra

    16. which of the following actions promotes collaboration in ethical decision making?

    b. discussing differences

    17 a female nurse is being sexually harassed by a physician. what is the best way for her to handle the situation?

    c. document the harassment in detail.

    18 a nurse finds that the physician has ordered an unusually large dose of medication for a client. which of the following actions shows that the nurse is aware of nursing liability?

    d. the nurse notifies the supervisor and refuses to carry out the order.

    19. a client tells a nurse about a crime he committed and the nurse is asked to appear in court to disclose this conversation. what is the first action that nurse should take?

    d. seek legal counsel and become familiar with the rights and privileges of client and nurse.

    20. when planning a client's preoperative care, the nurse knows that obtaining legal, informed consent is the responsibility of the:

    b. surgeon.

    21. which of the following clients is legally allowed to give informed consent?

    b. a client who can't read

    23. a nurse gives the wrong medication to a confused client who answered to an incorrect name. the physician is notified, and the client is not harmed by the medication. will the client be able to sue the nurse for malpractice?
    b. no, because the client did not sustain injury, damage, or harm.

    24. a client is seen in the emergency room for an overdose of prescription narcotics. which of the following actions is an invasion of this client's privacy?

    b. the nurse tells the client's boyfriend that the client is probably addicted to narcotics.

    25. although instructed by the nurse to remain in bed, a client climbs over the side rails and falls on the way to the bathroom. what information does not need to be included in the incident report?

    d. the client was to blame because he promised not to get out of bed.

    26. the nursing unit is busy, and a student who is employed as a nursing assistant is asked to help the nurses by inserting a client's nasogastric tube. the student has done this procedure several times during clinical rotation. how should the nursing student respond to this request?

    a. the student should explain to the nurse in charge that students can only perform tasks that appear in the job description for a nursing assistant.

    50. which of the following health care services is classified as tertiary?

    a. care of the dying

    51. nurses in an occupational setting perform each of the following functions except which?

    a. assisting with childbirth

    52. the main purpose of a hospice service is to:

    c. maintain the quality of life until death.

    53. which of the following statements best describes a patient-focused care unit within a large hospital?

    b. activities are close to the client.

    54. which of the following medical conditions would be most appropriate for a critical pathway?

    a. hip replacement surgery

    55. based on the concept that health is a highly individual perception, which of the following individuals would consider himself or herself healthy?

    b. an honors college student who has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair for mobility

    56. which of the following concepts is not included in the definition of wellness?

    a. economic stability

    57. a 76-year-old client with diabetes had an above-the-knee amputation and is almost ready to return home from the hospital. he lives alone. how can the nurse help him adjust to expected lifestyle changes?

    a. talk with the client about how he can remain independent at home and arrange for a home health nurse to visit.

    58. acute illness is characterized by:

    a. severe symptoms of relatively short duration.

    good luck
  6. by   Vsummer1
    Seems I did MUCH better on this one! Yippee, only missed one. Why can't my tests at school be this good?
  7. by   RNIAM
    I only missed one as well.
  8. by   jackel
    I'll take a shot at it.
  9. by   jackel
    only missed one!!!!!
  10. by   lisamc1RN
    16. b
    17. c
    19. d
    20. b

    25. d
    50. b
    51. A
    52. c
    53. b
    54. c
    56. b
    57. a
    58. a

    Note: I'm just finishing up A&P so be gentle with me if I miss a lot of them! :rofl
  11. by   lisamc1RN
    Well, I missed 4! I learned a lot! Thanks for putting this up for us, StudentSandara!
  12. by   Maggie in NC
    Did this on my own and only missed one!!!!! I feel better after having a BAD A&P night last night!

    Thanks for posting this!
  13. by   bakersmith
    I have just completed my first month of Nursing school. Let's see how I do on this test and then I will have a better idea of my first nursing test...scheduled for Friday.:hatparty: Here goes: 16.) B 17.) C 18.) D 19.) D 20.) B 21.) B 23.) A
    24.) B 25.) D 26.) A 50.) A 51.) A 52.) C 53.) B
    54.) B 55.) B 56.) A 57.) A 58.) A

    Thanks for the practice! JBS