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  1. After taking notes in class, I always retype my notes. Do any of you know how I go about posting them on the internet for other student nurses?

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  3. by   essarge
    I'm not good at setting up web-sites but, if you see anyone that needs help with one of the nursing classes that you have notes for, perhaps you could copy and paste them to an e-mail for them. Just a thought!
  4. by   kittykash
    Several of us girls did the same thing--typing our notes after lecture. I started the whole thing--I was a medical transcriptionist during school. Anyway, I had my own transcription machine. I took pretty good notes during class but always missed something here and there. I'd go home, type my notes and then listen on fast speed to the lecture and fill in my blanks. It didn't take long before word got around what I was doing and everyone wanted a copy of my notes. At first, I wanted to be helpful. After a while, I resented the fact that the others could come in to class, jack back and listen to the lecture and know that I would hand them the notes the next day. So, I said, "if you want good notes, you have to participate". Several of us got together and assigned days. We eventually all got Microsoft Word 97 and would type our notes on that word processer and save them (to disk and hard drive). Then, we would email each other with an attachment of the word document. That way, you only had to type every so often and if you had to miss a day you didn't have to freak out about missing something. It really worked out well. Another thing, you didn't have to print copies for everyone and if someone preferred a smaller or larger font or whatever, once they opened the document at their home, they could change it to however they liked. For example, one girl loved my transcription machine and bought one for herself. She typed EVERY word the teacher said--even stuff like, "you might want to write this down"--you get the gist. I am anal by nature--that drove me crazy. So, I "creatively edited" her documents to suite me.

    You can probably tell that I haven't started working yet. I have way too much time on my hands. Sorry for the "book". Hope this helps your situation some.
  5. by   crnasomeday
    That's pretty much how I started my site RN2BMONI. You just need to learn a little bit about making a website if you're wanting to post your notes online. There are several places you can go to get free webspace, and many will have page templates that you can use until you learn more about designing your own site. I've built lots of sites over the past year or so. If you need any help, please feel free to stop by my site and send me an email. I'd be glad to assist you.