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  1. Hi all but I wanted to know something, Ok I am in college and I want to be an pediatrician what major and do I have to take up in order to be a pediatrician. U see this is my first yr in college so I dont know if its called major, degree, courses Im not sure, but what do I have to take up to be a pediatrician and how long do I have to attend college!!

    thank 4 takin the time out to read and answer my quest..
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    A pediatrician is a medical doctor, an MD. Before MD school, one must get a Bachelor's degree. Generally this undergraduate degree will be in Biology, Pre-med etc... You will take courses such as inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, calculus etc...
    After you get your Bachelor's, you must take the dreaded MCAT test which scores med schools will look at when you apply. Med school is four years with the first two years in the classroom mostly. While this next part varies, generally after you graduate med school, you spend at least three years doing a residency before you actually begin to practice as a doctor. A pediatrician will require special residency experiences as your dealing with a specific population. For more info, visit Alex' Illicit Guide to Medical School

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    and welcome to the board!
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    So bascically the mcats is a hard test!
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    Originally posted by Violent Kittie
    So bascically the mcats is a hard test!
    Please say no
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    I would probably never use the word "easy" to describe MCAT. I don't know, there's a few genius/crazy people out there who probably think it's a walk in the park.
    I, however, do plan to take it just for personal reasons eventually.

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    You may want to check out a site. that site is geard for people who want to become physicians of any speciality. Welcome to the board!

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    My oldest daughter will take her MCATs in January and we just paid $3700.00 for a MCAT prep course and she is a Dean's List student at Penn State!! The MCAT test tests knowledge in biology, chemistry, A&P, o-chem, and general studies, it is not an easy test by any stretch. Read as much as you can, then pick a review course to suit your needs. Good Luck.