Pinning-what is your class doing?

  1. I don't graduate until next year, but I'm interested in hearing what the Class of 2005 is doing for their pinning ceremony. How formal is it? Hats/no hats? Do you have a reception afterward with refreshments? How extravagant is it (catered/potluck/dinner/cake & punch?). What is is costing? How are you paying? How many guests can each graduate invite?

    I'm the President of my class, and we're getting our pinning committee together so we can start planning.

    I'll anxiously await your responses!
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  3. by   raynefall

    The women have to wear a nursing dress or a white shirt with a white skirt, completed with a nursing cap. The men have to wear a white top (it can even be a white scrub top) with white pants.

    The candlelighting is thursday night (5/5) and that morning is the rehearsal, so after the rehearsal, they provide us with breakfast. Other than that, there's no dinner or anything like that after the ceremony.

    There is no limit on how many people we can invite. We got 14 invitations, but the people whom we invite don't need them to get into the ceremony. Hope this helps.
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  4. by   RainDreamer
    Our pinning is this Fri. We just wear our caps and gowns that we'll wear for graduation. We get to chose someone to pin us, my mom will pin me, since my dad will escort me for graduation on Sat. We fill out a paper stating people we'd like to thank, memorable experiences, etc. It has to be short, just taking enough time as we're being pinned, but I think it'll be great to have a little thank you being mentioned as we're being pinned.

    Then right after the pinning, we're having a reception. It'll be a pretty fancy reception with nice foods and refreshments. We raised a lot of money by selling t-shirts. Also, we can invite as many people as we want.
  5. by   futuregaspasser
    My class was supposed to wear white nursing dresses for the females complete with the nurse cap. Males were to wear all white. Well we rebelled and refused to wear them. We decided as a group to buy white graduation cap and gown with a tassel in our school colors. Since we cannot attend our "real" graduation (unless we all want to drive 4+ hours one way) we thought this would feel like a graduation/pinning ceremony in one.

    We have someone of our choice pin us (spouse, child, parent, ect.) and while they are doing that our instructor will read a 3x5 card of who we would like to thank, what we would like to say, ect.

    There are some customary things we have to follow like the lighting of the lamp, and reading of the Nightengale prayer ect. We are having each of our class and clinical instructors say a few words.

    We are handing out gifts to our instructors and some of the college staff that has been very helpful over the years.

    We have put together a slide show of pictures from our class/labs/clinicals over the last two years and will play that at the end.

    We are having light refreshments (ie: cake or cookies and punch), and we can invite as many people as we want.

    HTH! Good luck!
  6. by   tmarie75
    my school doesn't tell us anything. all i know is that we have to wear white nursing dresses (no scrub dresses), white stockings, white nursing shoes, and a nursing cap. males have to wear white slacks, a white shirt, and white shoes (no tennis shoes). it's going to be held in the university chapel on sat., may 7, and then graduation is the next day, that sunday. we have to be pinned by a faculty member of our choosing and as far as i know we don't get to speak. we were told to list certain things about ourselves that i assume will be read during our pinning. other than that, this is all i know about pinning. guess i'll find out more at rehearsals on friday. congratulations to all who's getting pinned and/or graduating!!!

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  7. by   nursepotter05
    Males and females wear white uniform no caps. There will be a slide show which will have pictures of us. There will be another slide show as we are being pinned with a picture of who we dedicated the pin to and an audio which we taped earlier played. There is the lighting of the lamp and Nightingale pledge. There will be several students who are speaking and some awards will be presented. We are having finger foods and punch afterward, as many people will go out and eat after. We raised many by doing fundraisers and things.
  8. by   AuntMeggie
    Ahhhh, I feel so lucky. We're wearing graduation cap and gowns. No nursing whites and dorky hats. This is ******* 2005, I can't believe they still make people wear nursing dresses. That's awful. We get pinned on a friday night by a faculty member of our choice then there's a reception with refreshments and snacks. Then saturday is the big university commencement where we wear our black robes and hat again and just stand and scream when they announce the school of nursing.