Pinning ceremony! HELP!!!

  1. I have been asked to recite a poem for our pinning ceremony. Does anyone have ideas where I can find an inspirational poem that is geared toward new nursing graduates. Everything I am finding is for nurses that have been in the profession for a while. Thanks for the help!!!!
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  3. by   Ortho_RN
    Well not sure if this qualifies...

    To be a nurse requires dedication,
    With years of study and preparation.
    I pray for guidance and humbly ask,
    That I will do well with this chosen task.

    When illness stikes or pain demands,
    And a life is placed within my hands,
    Give me compassion, knowledge and skill
    To do the things that comfort and heal.

    Suffering makes patients' fear grow worse
    And they seek reassurance from their nurse.
    Help me see things from their point of view
    And always to know what is best to do.

    May I have a part, in some small way,
    In restoring good health to someone today.
    Let my work be all that I want it to be--
    I ask the great healer to work through me.

    -- Author Unknown
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  4. by   Angella Walker
    Hun, give everyone a airplane sized bottle of gin and say what is on your heart. Graduation is an accomplishment in itself. Surviving nursing school is an accomplishment in itself. Those profound words will be a fond memory but the feeling of success of not being one of the ones who couldn't handle it is encouragement in itself.

    Stress the rigor of the program and the students' ability to overcome and excel in the program