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hello, future graduates! are you going to participate in your 1. pinning and graduation, 2. pinning and not the graduation, 3. graduation and not the pinning?... Read More

  1. by   cardiacRN2006
    Quote from wanblio
    YAAYYY!!! the end is soooo near. It has been a challenging journey but a rewarding one. OK so, how does a male fit into the pinning and capping ? I'm the only male in my class everyone is talking about what to wear and sounds like a bunch of girlie stuff. :icon_roll It's all good but I kinda feel left out ya know what I mean!!
    When my mother was pinned eons ago she had one male in her graduating class as well. All the women had to wear white scrub dresses, and the man wore white scrubs. For the hat (which they still did back then) the man got a baseball cap with the two stripes on it!

    In my program, there are about 8-10 men graduating. We are all wearing white scrubs, but it can be any kind (skirts, pants, etc).
  2. by   nayray13
    I am going to both...i was debating on going to the is the next day after the pinning ceremony, but everybody talked me into it. my mom is flying up to watch, if Delta does not on strike...bought the ticket in advance...we still have to wear the hat....but we are just wearing scrubs, some are wearing dresses...
  3. by   EmilyCCRN
    I'm not attending either one. I personally don't like graduations, and unfortunately my class has decided to turn our pinning ceremony into a second graduation.
  4. by   tanaynicole
    My nursing school administrators feel that pinning ceremony's are obsolete, so we won't be having one. :angryfire I (We) are all planning to attend the schools graduation, and have organized a class party. I plan on attending both.
    It's been a long hard road, so I plan on celebrating BIG TIME!! :hatparty: and am hosting my own party. I'm the first in my family to get a degree, and I have had support from so many people that I want them to all share in my joy.

    Congratulations, and best of luck to everyone graduation this Spring!!
  5. by   porcelina22
    Quote from love-a-nurse
    hello, future graduates!

    are you going to participate in your

    1. pinning and graduation,

    2. pinning and not the graduation,

    3. graduation and not the pinning?

    i will particiapte in both. my classmates will be doing a mix of the above three.

    care to share!
    i'm participating in both. i worked hard, and i can't wait to walk across the stage, even if it is only to get a little pin! and i couldn't imagine missing graduation! i worked for this for 5 years, i'm not missing it! pinning is next month- may 20th. graduation is may 19th, 2007- the day after i turn 25! yay!

  6. by   Trauma_Queen
    i will be participating in both since attending the pinning ceremony in my program is required. kinda have to do graduation since our pinning ceremony is just between students and instructors and family is not allowed to attend.
  7. by   realnurse06
    I will participate in both. I didn't want to attend graduation at first because I have already graduated once from college. After all of the hard work and dedication I've put into nursing I soon changed my mind. It's time to celebrate and be proud!
  8. by   Spatialized
    I plan on going to pinning, but not graduation. I've done the graduation thing adn don't feel like it is something I need to do again. That and they're not even having it on the campus of the school I attend, but at an auditorium on the univeristy here in town. Most of my class is not doing graduation either for many of the same reasons. But as for a party...? You better believe it! It's been a grind and now it is time to celebrate!

    Now if I can only pass the HESI exit, last 2 tests, other required HESI tests and manage not to piss anyone off in the next 3 weeks I'll be doin' just fine!