Perplexing Text Questions

  1. A patient has had a hemorrhagic stroke and was just evaluated for dysphagia by a speech therapist. Which rehabilitation order should the nurse expect?

    Initiate oral diet

    Teach the patient to use the affected extremity to eat

    Provide a nutritional supplement to correct nutritional deficits

    Initiate oral feeding with the head of the bed elevated to 30 degrees
    • I am growing more and more discouraged with our curriculum materials. Does the patient have dysphagia or not and why should I have to guess? Perhaps the clue is "rehab order" and I might have felt confident in that however, there have been other questions in this program where the question asked to choose the appropriate therapy and the answer was CT scan. Since when is that a therapy? Yikes. The test questions/answers often contradict the textbook. Any educators evaluating Sherpath for your program....look elsewhere.

    It's obvious 2 and 4 are incorrect...but I'm supposed to surmise if the patient has dysphagia or not?

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  3. by   DahliaDaisy
    I could be here for days if I were to recount some of the biased, DATED, you have to know the professor to guess the answer, questions Ive run across! Deep breaths, let it go and concentrate on passing the stupid things for YOURSELF! I'm doing great on the NCLEX predictors and about to graduate in 8 weeks.
  4. by   tonyl1234
    You're reading way too into the question.

    Whether or not the patient has dysphagia is irrelevant. You just had a stroke and your right side isn't functioning as well anymore. Wouldn't you expect to have to possibly relearn how to eat a hamburger?
  5. by   Horseshoe
    The answer to that question should be very obvious.