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Hi everyone, I just had a quick question, I hope someone one here can help me. I was excepted into the fall 05 program at my school :rotfl:, so my big sister (who is a nurse) bought me a pda. I know... Read More

  1. by   RN NascarFan
    Quote from LarryG
    Decaf -- So Epocrates requires a yearly fee, huh? Thought the software was a one-shot deal.

    Guess those software fees can add up if you throw in a dictionary and other basics.

    Epocrates has the option to pay a yearly fee or use the free version. The free version has less options but still all the meds.
  2. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from NascarFan
    Epocrates has the option to pay a yearly fee or use the free version. The free version has less options but still all the meds.
    OK, I see now that the site lists an "Epocrates Rx FREE drug and formulary reference."

  3. by   mitchsmom
    Quote from Nurse Alissa
    Can someone provide the names of all these programs you have and where we can go about getting them?

    Im planning on getting a PDA for clinicals, but I dont know where to find the programs. Thanks!!
    There are links in my previous post for where I got most of my stuff. There are some cool things on that pocketPC awards site too.
    I think Skyscape's programs are supposed to be integrated somehow so I've been getting mine there... not exactly sure how they are integrated yet but I'm happy with them...
  4. by   Nurse Alissa
    Quote from DecafMom
    Hi Alissa. I just bought an HP Pocket PC last week and used it this week for the first time and loved having it. My instructor has no problem with me having one. She has one as well.

    So far I have paid for and downloaded epocrates essentials. I am finding it useful. You can find it at http://www2.epocrates.com/products/essentials/.

    The hardest part for me was determining which device to buy. I finally bought one at Office Depot that had a $100 rebate on it. I am very pleased with it so far!!
    I had wanted the HP, but was skiddish because of the price. I would NEVER have known about the sale at Office Depot unless I read your post and I went out an got it today. PLUS, if you go to their site, you can download a coupon from HP to get a 128 memory card in the mail (assuming you still have the original sales reciept, but if not, the store can print you up another one if you show em a copy of yours) AND since I bought it today, I got a $50 in store coupon!!!!

  5. by   shape0fmyheart
    I have a PDA and not once have I brought it to clinicals... I have the free drug guide from Epocrates on there but am afraid to invest in any programs because I don't know which ones are the best and they are all so expensive. Skyscape is kind of having a sale right now and I'm not sure if I should get the acronym and abbreviation dictionary and Davis' Drug Guide, or the acronym and abbreviation dictionary and Tabers Medical Dictionary? Since I have the free epocrates one I am leaning more towards Tabers, but I have survived nursing school and clinicals thus far without even having the actual Tabers book, so is that a necessity? Any other programs that anyone has that you would recommend? Anything cheaper than $50 each? I'm on a tight budget...
  6. by   TinyNurse
    I used a pda in my last year of school. of course everyone but one other student who also used one thought i was crazy.
    epocrates is wonderful, another program that i broke down and paid for because it was so great is nurses toolbox http://www.medicalwizards.com/client/newhome.aspx
    lots of great stuff to choose from, drips and such.
    i use my pda everyday in the ER. love it!

    best of luck, and congrats on your new pda!
  7. by   ShellyRN07
    Thank you all so much for your help, I am going to look into the epocrates and I think I will get that for this fall, my sister is so excited for me that she insisted that I have pda, at first I thought she was crazy, but she says she uses hers everyday at work and she wishes she had one when she was in school.
  8. by   m4rtin
    Hi, heres a website that might help you out: http://www.pdacortex.com/pocket_pc_sites.htm

    I currently have an axim X50 which I used for my clinicals.
    When I first got accepted in the program and started to use my old toshiba, everyone thought i was just a gadget freak, but when they saw how useful it was to have a pda around, they automatically changed their mind. About 6 of my classmates have already bought a pda, because of me. I did lose my old toshiba during my pedi clinicals, so I bought a brand new dell axim x50 . I currently use about 10 different programs. And I highly suggest the davis drug guide for nurses. Enjoy your new PDA !

    EDIT: heres another link for your PDA needs !
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