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  1. Hoping to get some help on picking a PDA. I have looked at a few reviews on both Palm Pilots and Handspring.
    I would like a students point of view, on which brand is most user friendly, and which has most nursing software available.
    I'd like to buy it before I start prereq's in Sept., so I can play with it some, and figure out how to use it. (not puter illiterate...........but no rocket scientist either

    Thanks much for any help y'all can give
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  3. by   subec
    I have a Handspring Visor Neo, and I really like it. It came with 8 MB and so far I haven't even come close to using it all up. I have found several nursing programs to download, since Handspring uses Palm OS. The main reason I chose Handspring was for the price.

    I hope this helps.

  4. by   Nurse2BinNC
    I have a Sony Clie, it has a palm operating system so it works with all palm software. I have had it for about 2 months, I love it.

    But take a bit of advice, Stay away from Cassio PDA's they operate on Windows software and are not compatible wit Palm. I bought a Cassio first cause I could get it in color for a good price. But I took it back the next day, after giving Cassio a piece of mind about their worthless product.
  5. by   Steved
    I use a Sony Clie T615C. It was the slimmest PDA I could find, although it is a little heavy. The battery lasts forever, and it has a very bright screen unless you are in direct sun, then it can be hard to see. I don't have any nursing software on it. I mainly use the datebook, address app, memo pad, and Quicken. I would also recomend a unit that uses Palm OS. I also liked the Compaq units but they were a bit bigger and cost more.
  6. by   GPatty
    I have a Palm 125, and I think it's amazing. I love it! I have so many programs on it and yet, I still have room for more! And there are alot of different sites you can go to to download things. It's great!
    Good Luck in finding one to suit you!

  7. by   DebsZoo
    Thank you all for your help and information.
    I finally decided on a Handspring Neo (ordered and on it's way).
    Looking forward to learning all about it BEFORE fall classes start
  8. by   NurseExplorer
    What software would be useful for new students? Where can I download free stuff?